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  • 1994    


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    4800full load (tn)
    31max speed (knots)
    2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODOG
    1Missile Launcher HQ-7 8-cell SAM
    1Naval Gun Type 79A twin 100mm
    4Naval Gun Type 76A twin 37mm
    2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm
    1Naval Radar air search radar Type 360S/SR60
    2Naval Radar navigation radar DECCA 1290 ARPA
    1Sonar towed array sonar ESS-1
    1Sonar hull mounted sonar SJD-8/9


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    CN CSSC Hudong Zhonghua - Pudong2

    List of Ships

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    CN中國人民解放軍海軍112PLANS Harbin1994--
    CN中國人民解放軍海軍113PLANS Qingdao1996--

    2 units


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    0CN 112 PLANS Harbin
    1986Laid downCN 112 PLANS Harbin
    1991-aprLaunchedCN 112 PLANS Harbin
    1993-octLaunchedCN 113 PLANS Qingdao
    1994-mayCommissionedCN 112 PLANS Harbin
    1996-mayCommissionedCN 113 PLANS Qingdao
    1997-mar-21Port VisitCN 112 PLANS Harbin first visit to mainland USA by PLAN ship, when arrived in San Diego, Ca.
    2013-oct-3Port VisitCN 113 PLANS Qingdao International Fleet Review Sydney 2013 Present at 100th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review

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