CN Type 052 class

Guided-Missile Destroyer


Derivatives / Succeeded by
2005 CN Type 052C class
2014 CN Type 052D
2020         CN Type 052DL class (stretched)


4800full load (tn)
31max speed (knots)

2Naval Engine propulsion system: CODOG

1Missile Launcher HQ-7 8-cell SAM

1Naval Gun Type 79A twin 100mm
4Naval Gun Type 76A twin 37mm
2Torpedo Launchers Mk 32 triple-tube 324mm

1Naval Radar air search radar Type 360S/SR60
2Naval Radar navigation radar DECCA 1290 ARPA
1Sonar towed array sonar ESS-1
1Sonar hull mounted sonar SJD-8/9

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
CN 中國人民解放軍海軍 Harbin Z-9 12


CN CSSC Hudong Zhonghua - Pudong2

  List of Ships

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1994--CN中國人民解放軍海軍112PLANS Harbin
1996--CN中國人民解放軍海軍113PLANS Qingdao
2005--CN中國人民解放軍海軍170Type 052C class PLANS Lanzhou
2005--CN中國人民解放軍海軍171Type 052C class PLANS Haikou
2013--CN中國人民解放軍海軍150Type 052C class PLANS Changchun
2013--CN中國人民解放軍海軍151Type 052C class PLANS Zhengzhou
2014--CN中國人民解放軍海軍152Type 052C class PLANS Jinan
2014--CN中國人民解放軍海軍172Type 052D PLANS Kunming
2015--CN中國人民解放軍海軍153Type 052C class PLANS Xi'an
2015--CN中國人民解放軍海軍173Type 052D PLANS Changsha
2015--CN中國人民解放軍海軍174Type 052D PLANS Hefei
2016--CN中國人民解放軍海軍175Type 052D PLANS Yinchuan
2017--CN中國人民解放軍海軍117Type 052D PLANS Xining
2017--CN中國人民解放軍海軍154Type 052D PLANS Xiamen
2018--CN中國人民解放軍海軍118Type 052D PLANS Urumqi
2018--CN中國人民解放軍海軍131Type 052D PLANS Taiyuan
2018--CN中國人民解放軍海軍155Type 052D PLANS Nanjing
2019--CN中國人民解放軍海軍119Type 052D PLANS Guiyang
2019--CN中國人民解放軍海軍120Type 052D PLANS Chengdu
2019--CN中國人民解放軍海軍161Type 052D PLANS Hohhot
2020--CN中國人民解放軍海軍121Type 052D PLANS Qiqihar
2020--CN中國人民解放軍海軍122Type 052DL class (stretched) PLANS Tangshan
2020--CN中國人民解放軍海軍156Type 052DL class (stretched) PLANS Zibo
2021--CN中國人民解放軍海軍123Type 052DL class (stretched) PLANS Huainan
2021--CN中國人民解放軍海軍124Type 052DL class (stretched) PLANS Kaifeng
2021--CN中國人民解放軍海軍132Type 052DL class (stretched) PLANS Suzhou
2021--CN中國人民解放軍海軍133Type 052DL class (stretched) PLANS Baotou
2021--CN中國人民解放軍海軍162Type 052DL class (stretched) PLANS Nanning
2021--CN中國人民解放軍海軍164Type 052DL class (stretched) PLANS Guilin
2021--CN中國人民解放軍海軍165Type 052DL class (stretched) PLANS Zhanjiang
2022--CN中國人民解放軍海軍134Type 052DL class (stretched) PLANS Shaoxing
2022--CN中國人民解放軍海軍157Type 052DL class (stretched) PLANS Yeosu
2022--CN中國人民解放軍海軍163Type 052DL class (stretched) PLANS Jiaozuo

33 units


1986Laid downLaid down CN 112 PLANS Harbin
1991-aprLaunchedLaunched CN 112 PLANS Harbin
1993-octLaunchedLaunched CN 113 PLANS Qingdao
1994-mayCommissionedCommissioned CN 112 PLANS Harbin
1996-mayCommissionedCommissioned CN 113 PLANS Qingdao
1997-mar-09Port VisitPort Visit CN 112 PLANS Harbin visit to Pearl Harbor.
1997-mar-21Port VisitPort Visit CN 112 PLANS Harbin first visit to mainland USA by PLAN ship, when arrived in San Diego, Ca.
2007-oct-07Port VisitPort Visit CN 112 PLANS Harbin visited Auckland.
2013-oct-03Port VisitPort Visit CN 113 PLANS Qingdao International Fleet Review Sydney 2013 Present at 100th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review

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