Aerospatiale SA330 Puma
germany Bundespolizei

German Federal Police (BPOL)

Del'd: 23 - 1973 to 2008


Bundespolizei SA330 Puma

Used by the Bundesgrenzschtuz or BGS (Federal Border Police) and handed over to the newly formed Bundespolizei or BPOL in July 2005 after the BGS disolution.

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1201 sa330f 1973     D-HAXA: BGS,conv to SA330J; BPol 2005-2008
GC Air Llc N366EV: GC Air Llc at Danbury, CT Dec09-Aug13

Evergreen Helicopters N366EV: Evergreen, noted 2012

United States Naval Aviation N366EV: Helifleet 2013-01 Llc Aug13-Mar20

US Navy under contract; pictured asg USNS Amelia Earha+

Erickson N366EV: Erickson from Apr20: FOR SALE, in flyable storage with +
1207 sa330f     D-HAXB: BGS; w/o 23mar74 fire on ground Lubeck
1241 sa330f 1974     D-HAXC: BGS Nov78-Oct04; Bundespolizei Oct04-Sep06; conv to SA330J
Helisureste EC-JYE: Helisureste / INAER from Sep06

Local Government EC-JYE: Xunta de Galicia by 2012, op by Helisureste

INAER EC-JYE: INAER; Babcock España from Apr16
1285 sa330g 1974     D-HAXD: BGS Feb75-Oct04; Bundespolizei Oct04-Sep06 conv to SA330J
Helisureste EC-JYF: Helisureste / INAER from Sep06

Local Government EC-JYF: Xunta de Galicia by 2011

Evergreen Helicopters N339EV: Cysky 3 Llc at San Francisco, CA Jan12-Jan15, 330J typ+

Erickson N339EV: SQN Helo 7 Llc at New York, NY from Jan15

United States Naval Aviation N339EV: under contract by Military Sealift Command (MSC); pictu+
1289 sa330g     D-HAXE: BGS conv to SA330J
HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HAXE: HELOG d/d 2006
1291 sa330g     D-HAXF: BGS Feb75-Oct04, conv SA330J type; BPol Nov/Dec 2004
Starlite Helicopters ZS-RUH: Starlite from 2005

pictured (bot) transported to Kosovo in IL-76 for EULE+

reported damage after lost power just after taking off+

Pegasus Aero Group ZS-RUH: FAASA, lsd Starlite, noted Aug05

ZS-RUH: Oct15 in Mali with United Nations MINUSMA
1332 sa330g 1973     D-HAXG: BGS 1973-2005; Bpol 2005-2009; conv to SA330J
GC Air Llc N367EV: Gc Air Llc at Danbury, CT Dec09-Sep13

Evergreen Helicopters N367EV: Helifleet 2013-01 Llc at Danbury, CT from Sep13; Evergr+

Erickson N367EV: Erickson Aircrane by 2016

Apr20 in Flyable Storage, FOR SALE with N405R
1410 sa330j     D-HAXH: BGS from 1977; 2004 BGS FlSt.west; 2005 BPOL to new owner He+
HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HAXH: HELOG from 2007
1429 sa330j 1976     D-HAXI: BGS d/d 1977 to 2004; 2005 BPOL
HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HAXI: HELOG Jan05-Dec08

D-HAXI: 2005 in Sudan, op by HELOG

Starlite Helicopters ZS-RVO: Starlite Jan09-Mar13; pictured (pic1) unk;

- N761AC: Wells Fargo Bank from Apr13

pictured (pic2) at Spinks Airport, Fort Worth, Texas

23dec16 pictured (pic3) with and one other unk Puma bei+
1434 sa330j 1976     D-HAXJ: from 19?? to 2005 BGS; 2005 to 2008 BPol; in 2008 sold to N6+
EP Aviation N6973C: EP Aviation from 2008 ex D-HAXJ
1442 sa330j     D-HAXK: BGS; BPol
HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HAXK: HELOG d/d May07
1454 sa330j 1978     D-HAXL: BGS 1978-2005; BPol 2005-2008
- ZS-RRX: South Africa 2009-2011

Erickson N1622S: Wells Fargo Bank NA Sep11-Aug14


- N766AC: Wells Fargo Bank NA from Aug14
1496 sa330j 1978     D-HAXM: BGS BPol, test serial F-WZCE
HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HAXM: HELOG from 2005; chartered to United Nations

D-HAXM: w/o 25jan06 at Golo, Sudan
1499 sa330j 1978     D-HAXN: BGS BPol; to N2851T
- N2851T: ex BPol D-HAXN
1537 sa330j     D-HAXO: BGS BPol
1545 sa330j     D-HAXP: BGS BPol
HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HAXP: HELOG d/d Feb07

Starlite Aviation Ireland EI-SAI: Heavylift Charters Ltd reg 14dec12 per the Irish Aviati+

EULEX security mission in Kosovo, op by Starlite; w/o +
1549 sa330j     D-HAXQ: BGS BPol
HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HAXQ: HELOG Oct07-2011?

- N337EV: Cysky Llc at San Francisco, CA Jul11-Apr14

Erickson N337EV: Erickson from Apr14

Apr20 hull only, FOR SALE with N405R
1553 sa330j     D-HAXR: BGS BPol
HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HAXR: ex BPol
1573 sa330j     D-HAXS: BGS BPol
HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HAXS: HELOG Jul07-Jul11

- N338EV: Cysky Llc at San Francisco, CA Jul11-Jan15

SQN Helo 4 Llc at New York, NY Jan15-Apr17

Erickson N338EV: Erickson from Apr17

Apr20 hull only, FOR SALE with N405R
1577 sa330j     D-HAXT: Bundesgrenzschutz (BGS) from 1979; Bundespolizei Jul05-2008
HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HAXT: Helog May08-Oct09

Starlite Helicopters ZS-RRY: Starlite Aviation Nov09-Sep11; at Kosovo

- N1623S: Wells Fargo Bank from Sep11

Machine moving and engineering loading the Puma at Q S+
1596 sa330j     D-HAXU: BGS from 1979 to 2005 to new owner HELOG
HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HAXU: HELOG from 2005
1592 sa330j     D-HAXV: BGS BPol; to N2783R
- N2783R: ex BPol D-HAXV
1594 sa330j     D-HAXW: BGS BPol
HELOG Lufttransport KG D-HAXW: ex BPol


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