Del'd: 18 - 1984 to 2000

Eight transfered to Royal Australian Navy on 2000

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L Modified Round Table class

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    1727 as350b     A22-001: RAAF d/d 28feb84. xfer RAN oct00 as N22-001
Royal Australian Navy N22-001: RAN d/d oct00. ex RAAF A22-001
    1728 as350b     A22-002: RAAF 2 d/d 28feb84. sold 2002
- VH-UTJ: ex RAAF A22-002
    1742 as350b     A22-003: RAAF d/d 18mar84. Sold 2002
- VH-UTM: ex RAAF A22-003
    1744 as350b     A22-004: RAAF d/d 13apr84. w/o 1997
    1754 as350b     A22-005: RAAF d/d 28feb84. Sold 2002
- VH-BUK: ex RAAF A22-005
    1759 as350b     A22-006: RAAF d/d 12jun84. Sold 2003
- VH-ALP: ex RAAF A22-006
    1762 as350b     A22-007: RAAF d/d 20jun84. Sold 2002
- VH-IDG: ex RAAF A22-007
    1763 as350b     A22-008: RAAF d/d 20jun84. Sold 2002
- VH-AHT: ex RAAF A22-008
    1765 as350b     A22-009: RAAF d/d 5jul84. Sold 2002
- VH-UTN: ex RAAF A22-009
    1766 as350b     A22-010: RAAF d/d 10jul84. Sold 2002
- VH-ZSM: ex RAAF A22-010
    1767 as350b     A22-011: RAAF d/d 18jul84. xfer RAN oct00 as N22-011
Royal Australian Navy N22-011: RAN d/d oct00. ex RAAF A22-011
    1743 as350b     A22-012: RAAF d/d 6jul84. Sold 2002
- VH-WEB: ex RAAF A22-012
    1768 as350b     A22-019: RAAF d/d 2oct84. xfer RAN oct00 as N22-019
Royal Australian Navy N22-019: RAN d/d oct00. ex RAAF A22-019
    1769 as350b     A22-020: RAAF d/d 29sep84. xfer RAN oct00 as N22-020
Royal Australian Navy N22-020: RAN d/d oct00. ex RAAF A22-020
    1770 as350b     A22-021: RAAF d/d 6nov84. xfer RAN oct00 as N22-021
Royal Australian Navy N22-021: RAN d/d oct00. ex RAAF A22-021. 723 sqd

Oct06 723Sqn./821 homebase
    1771 as350b     A22-022: RAAF d/d 22nov84. xfer RAN oct00 as N22-022
Royal Australian Navy N22-022: RAN d/d oct00. ex RAAF A22-022. 723 sqd
    1772 as350b     A22-023: RAAF d/d 27nov84. xfer RAN oct00 as N22-023
Royal Australian Navy N22-023: RAN d/d oct00. ex RAAF A22-023. 723 sqd
    1773 as350b     A22-024: RAAF d/d 27nov84. xfer RAN oct00 as N22-024
Royal Australian Navy N22-024: RAN 824 d/d oct00. ex RAAF A22-024. 723 sqd

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