2001 to present

Bell 214
norway Helitrans AS

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List of Aircraft

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org
28053 214B 1976 LN-OPO Helitrans AS 2001-2007, 214B-1 type
Nakanihon Air Service JA9268: Nakanihon Air Service, test serial N18091; China Airlin...
- N214KR: K-R Aircraft Inc at San Bernardino, CA Jan/Mar 2001
- N214NP: USA from May07 ( Year Manufacturer 1980 )
State of Alaska N214NP: Northern Pioneer Helicopters Llc at Big Lake, AK Jan17...
on the back of a truck heading north of Brisbane, Austr...
- C-GOOB: Wisk-Air Helicopters at Thunder Bay, ON Apr19
McDermott Aviation C-GOOB: pictured HMAS Albatross operating for McDermott Aviati...
State of Utah N1601L: Bank Of Utah Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Aug22
McDermott Aviation N1601L: McDermott Aviation firefighting; Helitanker 339
28054 214B LN-ORM Helitrans AS by Aug01
Lufttransport AS LN-ORM: Lufttransport AS from 1981
osterman helikopter SE-HLE: Helifly AB from 2000
Osterman Helicopters AB from 2001
McDermott Aviation VH-SEK: McDermott Aviation from Nov17

    No longer with this org.

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