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Able Selected for ASESA Bell 412 Repairs, 19-Jun-18 : #maintenance Mexico’ Aeroservicios Especializados SA (ASESA) selects Able Aerospace Services, a Textron Inc company as exclusive provider of component repairs, overhauls and exchanges for Bell 412 fleet

ASESA 412s surpass 50.000 safe flying hour mark, 14-Feb-06 : Fort Worth, TX - Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company and Aeroservicios Especializados S.A. de C.V. ("ASESA") officials announced today that ASESA's 412EP fleet of 17 helicopters surpassed the 50,000 successful flight hour mark.

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36443 412ep 2007     XA-BHA: ASESA; pictured (pic2); 2017 painted white; 2018 3499.3 to+
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FOEI: Bell Canada Jun/Oct 2007

Bell Helicopter N3512C: Bell USA Oct/Dec 2007

- VT-HGK: India

- : Brics Leasing Finance Intl at Dublin, Ireland

Oct14, sold Bell 412EP 2007 , IFR, DAFCS, Rotor Brake, +

12nov14 seen at AMS. Tailboom and rotors removed. No re+

Heligo Charters Pvt VT-HLE: Heligo from Dec10; pictured (pic1) blue livery. To be c+

TVPX N364MR: Tvpx Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+

Apr18-Jun19, sold Bell 412-EP 2007 ; 3,501 total hours+
36465 412ep 2008     XA-ICL: ASESA 2008
Bell Helicopter N9558N: Bell Mar/Apr 2008, test serial C-FSOI
36452 412ep 2007     XA-MIG: ASESA, Bell serial N3512D Oct07
36201 412ep 1998     XA-TNE: ASESA, Bell serial N4301T, to N412AT
- N412AT: Aero Tech Llc at Clovis, NM from May07
36202 412ep 1998     XA-TNF: ASESA, Bell serial N4300Z Jun98, to Peru
- OB-1959-P: Peru
36221 412ep     XA-TPO: ASESA, Bell serial N8233S Jan00
- VT-SWD: canc
36309 412ep 2002     XA-TWD: ASESA, , to XA-HSP
Rainier Heli International N24113: Aztec LLC at Kirkland, WA Dec02, test serial C-GBUQ

- XA-HSP: Mexico

Rainier Heli International N696RH: Aztec Llc at Kirkland, WA Oct15-Jan17

Rainier Heli International N417AC: Aztec Llc at Kirkland, WA from Jan17
36310 412ep     XA-TWE: ASESA, Bell serial N2413V Nov02
36323 412ep     XA-UAC: ASESA, Bell serial N80667 Sep03
36324 412ep     XA-UAD: ASESA, Bell serial N8067M Nov03
36325 412ep     XA-UAE: ASESA, Bell serial N8067E Jan04, to Colombia
- HK-4731: Colombia
36331 412ep 2004     XA-UBF: ASESA, Bell serial N4537J Mar04
36338 412ep 2004     XA-UCC: Aeroservicios Especializados SA de CV; to XA-HCC
Bell Helicopter N45378: Bell 2004, test serial C-GFNN

Heliservicio XA-HCC: Heliservicio Campeche; to N266MS

- N266MS: Well Fargo Bank Northwest NA trustee at Salt Lake City,+

Ultimate Heli ZS-HNC: Ultimate Heli from Mar17; 01apr17 Imported and assemble+

May17 based on SA Agulhas 2 research vessel

Dec18 deployed to Antarctica for 2019 summer campaign
36340 412ep 2004     XA-UCD: Aeroservicios Especializados SA de CV; to XA-HSK
Bell Helicopter N45389: Bell 2004, test serial C-GADL

Heliservicio XA-HSK: Heliservicio Campeche, op for Gob

Mexico Government XA-HSK: Comision Federal de Electricidad ( CFE ), noted Apr09

- N267MS: Well Fargo Bank Northwest NA trustee at Salt Lake City,+

Ultimate Heli ZS-HND: Ultimate Heli from Mar17; 30 mar17 Imported and assembl+

May17 based on SA Agulhas 2 research vessel

Dec18 deployed to Antarctica for 2019 summer campaign
36334 412ep 2004     XA-UCE: ASESA, to OB-2013-P
Bell Helicopter N45377: Bell Jul/Aug 2004

- OB-2013-P: Peru, to XA-HSL

Heliservicio XA-HSL: Heliservicio Campeche, to be confirmed
36330 412ep 2004     XA-UCF: ASESA, to OB-1980-P
Bell Helicopter N45371: Bell Jun/Aug 2004, test serial C-GLZU

- OB-1980-P: Peru
36431 412ep     XA-UHD: ASESA, Bell serial N9154R Feb07
36240 412ep     XA-UNI: ASESA, w/o 13nov10 crashed in mountainous terrain near Truji+
- XA-TPH: Mexico, Bell serial N63860 Nov99, to Colombia

- HK-4571: to XA-UNI

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