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  • Del'd: 14 - 1974 to present


    Arma Aerea de la Armada Española AB212

    Arma Aerea de la Armada Española AB212
    The Spanish Navy received 14 Agusta AB212 helicopters known as Gato (Cat) between 1974 and 1980.

    The helicopters were upgraded between 2015 and 2018.

    In February 2023 with 7 helicopters still in service, it was announced that the unit (Tercera Escuadrilla) would be disestablished and the aircraft withdrawn on July 31, 2024.

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    Fifth Upgraded AB212 Delivered to Spanish Navy, 27-Feb-18 : Heli-Expo 2018 The fifth of seven AB212 upgraded by SENER/Babcock (ex INAER) was delivered to the Spanish Navy. Used the Astronautics Corporation of America’s multifunction display system (MFDS)

    Modernized AB212 Gets New Certification, 31-Jan-18 : Spanish INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology) granted technical certificate to the Navy AB212 upgrade joint venture program performed by SENER and Babcock (ex INAER)

    Fourth Upgraded AB212 Delivered to Spanish Navy, 04-Aug-17 : SENER and Babcock (ex INAER) delivered the fourth upgraded AB212 helicopter to the Spain Navy. The remaining two, plus the prototype used for testing, will be delivered by end next year

    Third Upgraded AB212 Delivered to Spanish Navy, 16-Nov-16 : Third, of seven, upgraded AB212 was delivered by SENER/INAER to the Spanish Navy. Program includes cockpit replacement by a full digital one compatible with night vision googles

    Spanish Amphibious Exercise GRUFLEX 61, 14-Nov-16 : 1,200 Spanish marines, elements from the Spanish Army and Air Force along the Portuguese Navy taking part of amphibious exercise GRUFLEX 61 in Cadiz and the Balearic Islands

    Second Upgraded AB212 Delivered to Spanish Navy, 29-Mar-16 : FIDAE 2016 SENER, in association with INAER, delivered to the Spanish Navy the second of 7 AB212 upgraded under the life extension program which will lengthening their operational lives by at least 15 years

    INAER upgraded Spanish Navy AB212 first flight, 18-Dec-13 : Spanish Navy AB212 helicopters purchased between 1974 and 1980 are being upgraded by INAER in order to extend their operating life beyond 2025


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1974/    eslla 003 Rota

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    5565 ab212asw     HA.18-10: Marina 01-314. ex Z.18-10
    5566 ab212asw     HA.18-11: Marina 01-315. ex Z.18-11. w/o 13may86
    5567 ab212asw     HA.18-12: Marina 01-316. ex Z.18-12. United Nations
    5568 ab212asw     HA.18-13: Marina 01-317. ex Z.18-13
    5627 ab212asw     HA.18-14: Marina 01-318. ex Z.18-14
    5526 ab212asw     HA.18-3: Marina 01-307. ex Z.18-3 003-7
    5528 ab212asw     HA.18-4: Marina 01-308. ex Z.18-4
    5561 ab212asw     HA.18-5: Marina 01-309. ex Z.18-5
    5562 ab212asw     HA.18-6: Marina 01-310. ex Z.18-6
    5563 ab212asw     HA.18-7: Marina 01-311. ex Z.18-7
    5564 ab212asw     HA.18-8: Marina 01-312. ex Z.18-8; w/o 16apr10 in Haiti, 4 fatalities
    5584 ab212asw     HA.18-9: Marina 01-313. ex Z.18-9. w/o 07jul82
    5524 ab212asw     Z.18-1: Marina 003-5. w/o 19apr78
    5525 ab212asw     Z.18-2: Marina 003-6. w/o 20jan77

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