Aerospatiale Alouette III
austria Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte

Austrian Air Force

Del'd: 29 - 1967 to present


Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte Alouette III

26 SE.316B Allouette III delivered from 1967 as a light utility and eventually a rescue helicopter, followed by 2 attrition replacements (ex Royal Jordanian Air Force) in 1986 and an ex Swiss built Air Force example in 1999.

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Koksijde SAR Meet 2016, 07-Oct-16 : Belgium with Austria, Germany and Poland taking part of Search and Rescue SAR Meet 2016 at Koksijde, October 10-14


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1967/    Fl.2 Aigen-im-Ennstal

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

1377 se3160 1967     3E-KA: Bundesheer
1378 se3160     3E-KB: Bundesheer
1387 se3160     3E-KC: Bundesheer
1418 se3160     3E-KD: Bundesheer; w/o 23feb70
1419 se3160     3E-KE: Bundesheer
1460 se3160     3E-KF: Bundesheer
1461 se3160     3E-KG: Bundesheer
1985 sa316b     3E-KM: Bundesheer
2058 sa316b     3E-KN: Bundesheer; ex F-WKQI
2059 sa316b     3E-KO: Bundesheer; ex F-WTNR
2064 sa316b     3E-KP: Bundesheer
2065 sa316b     3E-KQ: Bundesheer; w/o 25dec84
2079 sa316b     3E-KR: Bundesheer
2098 sa316b     3E-KS: Bundesheer
2099 sa316b     3E-KT: Bundesheer
2107 sa316b     3E-KU: Bundesheer
2172 sa316b     3E-KV: Bundesheer
2173 sa316b     3E-KW: Bundesheer; w/o 18sep80
2177 sa316b     3E-KX: Bundesheer
2178 sa316b     3E-KY: Bundesheer; w/o 19sep75
2329 sa316b     3E-KZ: Bundesheer
1472 se3160     3E-LA: Bundesheer, ex Jordanian 312
Royal Jordanian Air Force 312: Jordan, to Austria as 3E-LA
1501 se3160     3E-LB: Bundesheer; ex Jordanian 315; w/o 01jul98
Royal Jordanian Air Force 315: to austria as 3E-LB

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