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  • Aerospatiale SA330 Puma
    united kingdom Bristow

    1977 to 1985

    Bristow SA330 Puma

    Introduced into Bristow UK service in Jul 1977.

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    1472 sa330j 1977     G-BERG: Bristow; 1982 to VH-WOB
    Bristow Australia VH-WOB: Bristow Australia; ex G-BERG; 1984 to P2-PHZ

    Pacific Helicopters P2-PHZ: Pacific Helicopters, Papua Nueva Guinea; ex VH-WOB; to +

    EP Aviation N10241: EP Aviation 2008; ex P2-PHZ
    1475 sa330j 1977     G-BERH: Bristow Apr77-Feb82; pictured (pic1) at Aberdeen, Scotland;+
    Bristow Australia VH-WOE: Bristow Australia Feb82-May84, rtn UK

    Bristow Australia 1985-2001, to N405R

    Geo-Seis Helicopters N405R: Geo-Seis 2002

    United States Naval Aviation N405R: 2005 Ventures Acquisition Co, ex VH-WOE, under contract+

    Evergreen Helicopters N405R: Evergreen from May13; 20mar14 aboard USNS Richard E. B+

    Erickson N405R: Erickson from Apr14; Mar20 still

    Apr/Nov 2020 for sale Puma SA 330J 1977 - 16593 flight +
    1478 sa330j 1977     G-BFEU: Bristow 1977 to 1982; noted in original colours date unk
    Bristow Australia VH-WOD: Mayne-Bristow Helicopters Australia d/d 23apr82

    Roberts Aircraft Company N505R: Roberts Aircraft

    Roberts Aircraft Co at Burns, WY from Apr03

    Geo-Seis Helicopters N505R: Geo-Seis

    United States Naval Aviation N505R: Military Sealift Command under Geo-Seis contract; 2009 +

    Aeromaster HC-CDO: Aeromaster; pictured (pic2) date unk

    EP Aviation N505R: EP Aviation from Feb11

    EP Aviation N815AR: EP Aviation Aug14-Dec19

    United States Naval Aviation N815AR: Military Sealift Command under contract, op by EP Aviat+

    - N815AR: First Call International Inc at Fort Worth, TX from Feb+

    2020 New Zealand with N814AR

    Auckland, New Zealand

    spotted in Te Puke
    1481 sa330j 1978     G-BFJX: Bristow; 1980 to 9M-SSC
    Bristow Malaysia 9M-SSC: Bristow; ex G-BFJX; w/o 16dec80
    1508 sa330j 1978     G-BFJY: Bristow; 1982 to VH-WOF
    Bristow Australia VH-WOF: Bristow Australia; ex G-BFJY; temp as VR-BIG; w/o 12may+
    1484 sa330j 1978     G-BFJY: Bristow; 1980 to 9M-SSG
    Bristow Malaysia 9M-SSG: Bristow; ex G-BFJY; w/o 13dec85
    1514 sa330j 1978     G-BFNF: Bristow Mar78-Mar80
    Bristow Malaysia 9M-SSD: Bristow Malaysia 1980-1999

    Geo-Seis Helicopters N330JF: Geo-Seis

    United States Naval Aviation N330JF: Ventures Acquisition Co at Mcminnville, OR from Dec05

    Military Sealift Command; 2003 pictured (pic1) with US+

    code 03 (on nose) visit Kadena

    Evergreen Helicopters N330JF: Evergreen May13-Mar14

    Erickson N330JF: Erickson from Apr14

    at Medford, Oregon

    Apr20 hull only, FOR SALE with N405R
    1490 sa330j 1978     G-BFPN: Bristow; 1980 to 9M-SSF
    - 9M-SSF: ex G-BFPN
    1526 sa330j 1978     G-BFSV: Bristow; 1979 to VH-BHO
    Bristow Australia VH-BHO: Bristow Australia 1979-1981; to 9M-SSI

    - 9M-SSI: 1981-1982; to VH-WOA

    Bristow Australia VH-WOA: Mayne-Bristow Australia; w/o 29dec86 impacted at sea at+
    1557 sa330j 1978     G-BFTV: Bristow; 1980 to 9M-SSE
    - 9M-SSE: 1985-2005; to South Africa ?
    1517 sa330j 1980     G-BJWS: Bristow d/d 10oct82; ex F-GCJI; w/o 10oct82 burnt during tra+
    1586 sa330j 1979     G-BKAI: Bristow Apr/Jun 1982
    Sealand Helicopters C-GMNP: Was first registered to Sealand Helicopters in Newfound+

    - N5593A: Sealand Helicopters Leasing Inc at Wilmington, DE Feb/A+

    Bristow Malaysia 9M-SSJ: Bristow Malaysia Jul82-Jun83

    - 9M-SSJ: Malaysia, ex G-BKAI

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