2006 to present


CHC Helicopters Netherlands bv AB139

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2006/    CHC (De Kooy) De Kooy

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

31141 aw139     PH-EAA: CHC Netherlands d/d Nov08; Aug09 to Aruba as P4-CHC
- P4-CHC: CHC Aruba

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GSBN: CHC d/d Jul12, ex P4-CHC
31072 aw1392006     PH-EUA: CHC Netherlands Mar/Nov 2009
CHC Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BJD: CHC Nigeria Apr07-Feb09

CHC Scotia G-CHCW: CHC Scotia Nov09-Mar11

Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GNDG: CHC Canada Nov11-May14

CHC from 23nov15

- 5H-MXQ: CHC Tanzania, Dec14-Nov15
41210 aw1392009     PH-EUC: CHC Netherlands Jun10-Feb11
AgustaWestland USA N246SM: AgustaWestland, PA Sep09-Jun10

Blueway LN-OYZ: Blueway Feb11-2012

Bel Air Aviation OY-HLC: Bel Air 2013-Sep15

Jun/Sep 2013 seen at Eskjerg

CHC Scotia G-SNSG: CHC Scotia from Oct15
31295 aw1392010     PH-EUD: CHC from Apr/Oct 2010
Bel Air Aviation PH-EUD: Bel Air Aviation Oct10-Oct11

CHC Scotia G-SNSB: CHC Scotia from 07oct11, ex PH-EUD

27sep12 pictured at Norwich. The tiny yellow helicopter+
31387 aw1392011     PH-EUE: CHC d/d Dec11
31406 aw139     PH-EUF: CHC d/d Feb12
31407 aw1392012     PH-EUG: CHC Netherlands Mar12-Oct15
CHC Scotia G-SNSF: CHC Scotia from Oct15; based at Norwich

26oct16 returns to Norwich after floating gear is set o+

Brazilian Helicopter Services Taxi Aereo Ltda PR-CGN: BHS o/o by Apr18
31431 aw139     PH-EUH: CHC Netherlands from Feb14, test serial I-EASZ
31511 aw139     PH-EUJ: CHC Netherlands from Nov13 at Den Helder
31046 2006     PH-IEH: CHC Jun/Sep 2006
CHC Scotia G-CHCP: CHC Scotia Sep06-Aug15
31030 2005     PH-SHK: CHC Netherlands from Apr06
AgustaWestland Italy I-RAIA: AW toward PH-SHK

Schreiner Airways PH-SHK: Schreiner Northsea helicopter 2005
31041 2006     PH-SHL: CHC Netherlands from 2006, redesig AW139
31099 aw1392007     PH-SHP: CHC d/d Aug07
31134 aw1392008     PH-SHQ: LN-OLO ntu; CHC Jun08-Dec13
AgustaWestland Italy I-AWXX: AgustaWestland Italy Jan/Feb 2014

Heliconia F-HKAH: Heliconia Morocco Apr/Oct 2014, lsd via Weststar Aviati+

AgustaWestland Italy I-AWCP: AgustaWestland Italy Oct14-Oct15

Weststar Aviation PK-WAI: PT Weststar Aviation Indonesia from Oct15
31042     PH-TRH: CHC from May06 to Jul06 toward G-CHCT
CHC Scotia G-CHCT: CHC Scotia from Jul06 ex PH-TRH

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