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  • Canadian Ambulance Services S-76

    The S-76 helicopters were previously owned and operated by Canadian Helicopters

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    Tofino General Hospital New Heliport, 07-Oct-19 : #Tofino The Tofino General Hospital in British Columbia, Canada has again a heliport after an eight year wait. Operated by BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) air ambulance S-76 helicopters was closed in 2011 after the National Civil Aviation regulatory agency, Transport Canada, issued an order for improvements. The new landing pad cost $845,000

    Ornge S-76 Donated to the Centennial College, 29-Sep-19 : #AviationTechnician The Centennial College’s School of Transportation in Toronto received donation of a decommissioned S-76A helicopter from Ontario’s Ambulance Ornge for the Aviation Technician and Aviation Technology programs

    Ornge Donates S-76A to Fanshawe College, 03-May-18 : Ornge, the province of Ontario air ambulance, donated a decommissioned Sikorsky S-76A to Fanshawe College and Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology

    BC Air Ambulance Now Has Night Vision Systems, 03-May-18 : BC Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) three S-76C+ air ambulances, operated by Helijet International, incorporated night vision imaging systems

    Ornge S76 fleet returns to service, 04-Jun-13 : Ornge, Ontario’s provider of air ambulance and related services, announced today it is returning its Sikorsky S76 helicopters to service.


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2008/12Ornge Toronto City Centre
    CUUP - Ottawa Macdonald Cartier
    Thunder Bay
    1996/    EHS LifeFlight

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    760271 s-76a 1984     C-FABH: BC Ambulance, op by Helijet ?; Ontario Ministry of Health fr+
    - N884: ex N984, canc 1990

    Helijet International C-GHJV: Helijet Intl, noted Apr00, reser C-FABH

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FABH: Canadian Helicopters Ltd Nov01-Jul12

    - C-FABH: 7506406 Canada Inc at Mississauga, ON Jul12-Feb17; canc
    760168 s-76a 1981     C-FSBH:
    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FSBH: Canadian Helicopters Dec00-Sep11

    - C-FSBH: 7506406 Canada Inc at 7506406 Canada Inc., ON Nov12-Ma+
    760496 s-76c 1998     C-GCHJ: BC Ambulance, op by Helijet; pictured unk
    - N397U: Canal Air Llc at Danbury, CT Sep02-Mar11

    Helijet International C-GCHJ: Helijet Intl from Apr11

    Mar/Oct 2011 this used be the Corporate ship I maintain+
    760214 s-76a 1981     C-GHJL: BC Ambulance, op by Helijet, noted Jan10; canc
    - N101PB: USA 1981, test serial N3122B

    Helijet International C-GHJL: Helijet Airways Inc from Nov89; Helijet International+

    pictured at Vancouver airport painted for the XV Commo+
    760167 s-76a 1981     C-GHJV: BC Ambulance, op by Helijet, noted Oct03
    State of Kentucky N5426U: University of Kentuckys Albert B. Chandler Medical Cent+

    PHI Inc N5426U: PHi 1994-Nov02

    Helijet International C-GHJV: Helijet Intl from Oct03
    760111 s-76a 1980     C-GIMB: EHS LifeFlight, Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia, noted+
    British International Helicopters G-BIAW: BIH Nov80-Sep92

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GIMB: Canadian Helicopters Sep93-Jul12

    Government of Canada C-GIMB: Ontario Ministry of Health, noted 2005-2006; /bandage 2

    - C-GIMB: 7506406 Canada Inc at Mississauga, ON from Jul12
    760110 s-76a 1980     C-GIMN: EHS LifeFlight, Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia, noted+
    British International Helicopters G-BIAV: BIH Nov80-Sep92

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GIMN: reg Dec00; Canadian Helicopters from Sep08
    760226 s-76a 1983     C-GIMW: Ornge Ambulance, noted 2006-2008
    - N31226: to N79BP

    - N79BP: to N74BW

    - N74BW: to N76FB

    - N76FB: Fisher Air Corp at New York, NY Apr88-Jun94

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GIMW: Canadian Helicopters Feb95-Jul12

    Government of Canada C-GIMW: Ontario Ministry of Health, noted Aug04

    - C-GIMW: 7506406 Canada Inc at Mississauga, ON from Jul12
    760055 s-76a 1980     C-GIMY: 7506406 Canada Inc from Jul12
    Bristow US N105BH: Bristow, ex N176PB, to G-BKJU

    Bristow G-BKJU: Bristow Nov82-Feb85, to N105BH

    Bristow Nov85-Feb87, to C-GRJC

    - C-GRJC: Mar87-Jun88

    - N376LL: MDFC Equipmeant Leasing at Long Beach, CA Jul88-May99

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GIMY: Canadian Helicopters

    Government of Canada C-GIMY: Ontario Ministry of Health Air Ambulance, op by Canadia+
    760169 s-76a 1981     C-GIMZ: 7506406 Canada Inc at Mississauga, ON from Jul12; Ornge; pic+
    - N399KK: to N399PK

    Sikorsky Helicopters N399PK: Sikorsky Jul/Aug 1994

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GIMZ: Canadian Helicopters Sep94-Jul12

    Government of Canada C-GIMZ: Ontario Ministry of Health 2002-2007, op by Canadian He+

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