Boeing AH-64D Apache
netherlands Koninklijke Luchtmacht

Royal Netherlands Air Force

Del'd: 30 - 2000 to present

  • Koninklijke Luchtmacht AH-64D Apache
  • Koninklijke Luchtmacht AH-64D Apache

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Boeing Support for Dutch Apaches and Chinooks, 18-Jul-18 : FIA 2018 Boeing to provide maintenance, services and spare parts to the Royal Netherlands Air Force fleet of 28 AH-64D, 11 CH-47D and 6 CH-47F. RNLAF upgrading to CH-47F and AH-64E

AAR Earns Boeing Gold Performance Excellence Awards, 30-Apr-15 : AAR has earned Boeing Gold Performance Excellence Awards at two of its operating units: Aircraft Component Repair (ACS) in Amsterdam and Defense Systems Logistics (DSL) in Havelock, NC

Two Dutch Apache Pilots Killed in Mali, 18-Mar-15 : A RNLAF’s 301 Squadron AH-64D Apache, part of UN peacekeeping mission MINUSMA in Mali, crashed at 47km of the Dutch compound during a firing exercise


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2011/    302 Squadron US Robert Gray Army Airfield - Fort Hood
2003/    301 SquadronML Gao
2000/05302 Squadron Gilze-Rijen

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    DN026     DN026: 03sep15 pictured (pic2) at Rivolto Airport, 55° Anniversary+
    DN001     Q-01: KLU (FMS 98-0101) in 2002 302Sqn. ; 2005 tdy Kabul IAP, ISAF+
    DN002     Q-02: KLU (FMS 98-0102) NATD.
    DN003     Q-03: KLU (FMS 98-0103) NATD.
    DN004     Q-04: KLU (FMS 98-0104) in 2002 301Sqn.
    DN005     Q-05: KLU (FMS 98-0105)
    DN006     Q-06: KLU (FMS 98-0106) NATD.
    DN007     Q-07: KLU (FMS 98-0107) NATD.
    DN008     Q-08: KLU (FMS 98-0108) in 2002 302Sqn. ; 2005 tdy Kabul IAP, ISAF+
    DN009     Q-09: KLU (FMS 98-0109) in 2002 301Sqn.
    DN010     Q-10: KLU (FMS 98-0110) in 2002 302Sqn.
    DN011     Q-11: KLU (FMS 98-0111) NATD.
    DN012     Q-12: KLU (FMS 98-0112) NATD.
    DN013     Q-13: KLU (FMS 98-0113); Sep05 301Sqn. participated in exercise V+
    DN014     Q-14: 21sep09 participated in Tac Blaze 09-2
    DN015     Q-15: KLU (FMS 98-0115)
    DN016     Q-16: KLU (FMS 98-0116) in 06-2009 301Sqn.
    DN017     Q-17: KLU (FMS 98-0117) in 2002 302Sqn
    DN018     Q-18: Sep09 participated in Tac Blaze 09-2
    DN019     Q-19: KLU (FMS 98-0119) in 2002 301Sqn. ; 2003 301Sqn.
    DN020     Q-20: KLU (FMS 98-0120) in 2002 302Sqn. ; in 04-2004 to 1(NL)Helod+
    DN021     Q-21: KLU (FMS 98-0121) in 2002 302Sqn.
    DN022 2001     Q-22: KLU (FMS 98-0122); 2002 302Sqn.; 2003 302Sqn.; Sep05 301Sqn.+
    DN023     Q-23: KLU (FMS 98-0123) in 2002 302Sqn.
    DN024     Q-24: KLU (FMS 98-0124)
    DN025     Q-25: Sep09 participated in Tac Blaze 09-2
    DN026     Q-26: KLU (FMS 98-0126) in 2002 302Sqn.
    DN027     Q-27: KLU (FMS 98-0127) NATD.
    DN028     Q-28: KLU (FMS 98-0128) NATD.
    DN029     Q-29: KLU (FMS 98-0129)
    DN030     Q-30: 2005 tdy Kabul IAP, ISAF mrks.

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