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Eagle Single UH-1H for Nevada Division of Forestry, 23-Jun-20 : #firefighting Eagle Copters delivered a refurbished UH-1H in Eagle Single configuration to the State of Nevada firefighters. Powered by a Honeywell T5317A turboshaft and added structural strength of a Bell 212 airframe, the Eagle Single has increased performance and higher gross weight

Yellowhead Orders Two Eagle 407HP and Eagle Single, 18-Feb-16 : Canada based Yellowhead Helicopters signed with Eagle Copters for 2 Eagle 407HP powered by the Honeywell HTS900 and an Eagle Single, the Honeywell T53 powered single engine version of the Bell 212

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

30687 212 1975     C-FBUC: 212 Eagle Single Eagle Copters Oct04-Jun07, conv to Single Engine
Bristow Bermuda VR-BFP: Bristow Bermuda, to 9Y-TFA

Bristow Caribbean 9Y-TFA: Bristow Caribbean, to G-BWBP

Bristow Caribbean from Nov97

Bristow G-BWBP: Bristow Apr/Jun 1995, to Spain

Bristow Nov95-Oct97

- EC-GCT: Spain Jul/Oct 1995 as EC-891

- XA-TQG: Mexico, to C-FBUC

- C-GDAA: 2007-2013

Great Slave Helicopters C-FBUC: Great Slave Helicopters from Feb14

pictured (pic2) at Albury Airport. Op by Jayrow as Hel+
30817 212 1977     C-FBWU: 212 Eagle Single Eagle Copters Ltd Oct04-Feb08; conv to single engine Honeywe+
Air Logistics N16785: Offshore Logistics, to Mexico

Offshore Logistics Jun92-May94

- XA-HEG: rtn N16785

- HK-3802X: Colombia, to XA-TOB

Heliservicio XA-TOB: Campeche, to C-FBWU

- C-GWDJ: Day & Johnston Helicopters at Copper Cliff, ON Feb08-De+

Day Aviation Services / William Day Construction Ltd at+

Wilderness Helicopters at Wawa, ON Apr11-Feb16

Jan15-Apr17 for sale Bell 212; conv to Eagle Single, Fa+

State of Oregon N316LH: Lohman Helicopter at Lewiston, ID from Mar16
30866 212 1978     C-FNOS: 212 Eagle Single Eagle Copter, conv Bell 212HP; to Hydra Helicopters, noted 2+
Bristow US N16930: Bristow Jun78-Mar83, to N125BH

- VR-BIC: Brunei, ex N125BH, to VH-BHO

Bristow Australia VH-BHO: Bristow, to G-BLDY

Bristow G-BLDY: Bristow 1984-1992, to 5N-BHO

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BHO: Bristow , to C-FNOS

Heli Protection LX-HJC: Luxembourg Heli protection 2007

- VH-CVX: ?

- PK-IWU: at Rockhampton, Australia
30640 212 1974     C-GAZF: 212 Eagle Single Eagle Copters from Feb10; conv to Eagle Single engine
- N18091: to VR-BFE

Bristow Bermuda VR-BFE: Bermuda, to 9Y-TEY

Bristow Caribbean 9Y-TEY: Bristow Caribbean by 2005, pictured (pic1);

- HK-4518X: Colombia, rtn as 9Y-TEY

- VH-UEC: Australia from Aug13; Aeropower Pty Ltd at QLD, lsd fro+

EPS helicopter services VH-UEC: EPS Helicopter Services Mar18

pictured (pic2) in NRMA Insurance livery at Wagga Wagga+
30576 212 1973     C-GEZO: 212 Eagle Single Eagle Copters Jun/Aug 2017
- N83179: to CF-TCQ

Okanagan Helicopters C-FTCQ: Okanagan Helicopters, noted 1977

Okanagan Helicopters 1985-Sep89

Helicopters NZ Ltd ZK-HNG: Helicopters NZ, noted May88

Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FTCQ: Canadian Helicopters Sep89-May92

Great Slave Helicopters C-GEZO: 2014 Conv to Bell 212 Single. The Pratt and Whitney Twi+

Great Slave Helicopters Aug07-Jun17

- N374PA: Copter Lease Llc Trustee at Albuquerque, NM from Sep17