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  • Eagle Copters 212 Eagle Single

    Derived from Bell 212


    Conversion of a twin engine Bell 212 into a single-engine helicopter with a Honeywell T5317BCV / Lycoming T53-17 turboshaft

    Model News

    Eagle Single UH-1H for Nevada Division of Forestry, 23-Jun-20 : #firefighting Eagle Copters delivered a refurbished UH-1H in Eagle Single configuration to the State of Nevada firefighters. Powered by a Honeywell T5317A turboshaft and added structural strength of a Bell 212 airframe, the Eagle Single has increased performance and higher gross weight

    Eagle Australasia Upgrade Installation of Bell 212, 26-Jan-18 : Eagle Australasia installation upgrade of one single engine Bell 212 with AEM Corp’ MCP01-120 Master Caution Panel from last November order checks

    Yellowhead Orders Two Eagle 407HP and Eagle Single, 18-Feb-16 : Canada based Yellowhead Helicopters signed with Eagle Copters for 2 Eagle 407HP powered by the Honeywell HTS900 and an Eagle Single, the Honeywell T53 powered single engine version of the Bell 212

    List of Operators of Eagle Copters 212 Eagle Single

    From Organisation with model 212 Eagle Single
    canada Eagle Copters

    Construction Numbers

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    C/NBuilt asYearHistory
    30576 212 1973 US N83179 : 212 to CF-TCQ
    CA C-FTCQ : Okanagan Helicopters, noted 1977
    Okanagan Helicopters 1985-Sep89
    NZ ZK-HNG : Helicopters NZ, noted May88
    CA C-FTCQ : Canadian Helicopters Sep89-May92
    CA C-GEZO : Eagle Copters Maintenance Jan/Jun 2007
    CA C-GEZO : 2014 Conv to Bell 212 Single. The Pratt and Whitney Twi+
    Great Slave Helicopters Aug07-Jun17
    CA C-GEZO : Eagle Copters Jun/Aug 2017
    US N374PA : Copter Lease Llc Trustee at Albuquerque, NM from Sep17
    30640 212 1974 US N18091 : 212 to VR-BFE
    BM VR-BFE : Bermuda, to 9Y-TEY
    TT 9Y-TEY : Bristow Caribbean by 2005, pictured (pic1);
    CO HK-4518X : Colombia, rtn as 9Y-TEY
    CA C-GAZF : Eagle Copters from Feb10; conv to Eagle Single engine
    AU VH-UEC : Australia from Aug13; Aeropower Pty Ltd at QLD, lsd fro+
    AU VH-UEC : EPS Helicopter Services Mar18
    pictured (pic2) in NRMA Insurance livery at Wagga Wagga+
    30687 212 1975 BM VR-BFP : 212 Bristow Bermuda, to 9Y-TFA
    TT 9Y-TFA : Bristow Caribbean, to G-BWBP
    Bristow Caribbean from Nov97
    UK G-BWBP : Bristow Apr/Jun 1995, to Spain
    Bristow Nov95-Oct97
    ES EC-GCT : Spain Jul/Oct 1995 as EC-891
    MX XA-TQG : Mexico, to C-FBUC
    CA C-FBUC : Eagle Copters Oct04-Jun07, conv to Single Engine
    CA C-GDAA : 2007-2013
    CA C-FBUC : Great Slave Helicopters from Feb14
    pictured (pic2) at Albury Airport. Op by Jayrow as Hel+
    30817 212 1977 US N16785 : 212 Offshore Logistics, to Mexico
    Offshore Logistics Jun92-May94
    MX XA-HEG : rtn N16785
    CO HK-3802X : Colombia, to XA-TOB
    MX XA-TOB : Campeche, to C-FBWU
    CA C-FBWU : Eagle Copters Ltd Oct04-Feb08; conv to single engine Ho+
    CA C-GWDJ : Day & Johnston Helicopters at Copper Cliff, ON Feb08-De+
    Day Aviation Services / William Day Construction Ltd at+
    Wilderness Helicopters at Wawa, ON Apr11-Feb16
    Jan15-Apr17 for sale Bell 212; conv to Eagle Single, Fa+
    US N316LH : Lohman Helicopter at Lewiston, ID from Mar16
    30866 212 1978 US N16930 : 212 Bristow Jun78-Mar83, to N125BH
    VR-BIC : Brunei, ex N125BH, to VH-BHO
    AU VH-BHO : Bristow, to G-BLDY
    UK G-BLDY : Bristow 1984-1992, to 5N-BHO
    NG 5N-BHO : Bristow , to C-FNOS
    CA C-FNOS : Eagle Copter, conv Bell 212HP; to Hydra Helicopters, no+
    FR LX-HJC : Luxembourg Heli protection 2007
    AU VH-CVX : ?
    ID PK-IWU : at Rockhampton, Australia
    30931 212 1979 JP JA9539 : 212 to B-12118
    CN B-12118 : rtn to JA9539
    MX XC-JBB : Mexico, ex JA9539, to XA-SSM
    US N98789 : Dec96-Jan97, rtn C-GAEO
    CA C-GAEO : ?, to EC-GOR
    ES EC-GOR : Spain unk
    CA C-GEEC : Tasman Helicopters, noted 2003-2004
    CA C-GEEC : Great Slave Helicopters from Sep09, conv to Single Engi+
    6 C/N.