Pegasus Aero Group 412

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Milestone Provides FAASA Two Bell 412 Firefighters, 02-Oct-17 : Helitech 2017 Milestone leased 2 Bell 412SP to Spain’ FAASA for firefighting services. Both helicopters were previously on lease in Brazil for offshore oil and gas support

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

33102     A6-BAY: FAASA 2010
- PK-HMP: Indonesia, to A6-BAY

Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-BAY: Abu Dhabi Aviation
33107     A6-BAZ: FAASA 2017; pictured at Base de Laza
- PK-HMU: Indonesia, to A6-BAZ

Abu Dhabi Aviation A6-BAZ: Abu Dhabi Aviation

Agrarflug Helilift GmbH D-HGPP: Agrarflug Helilift GmbH Mar14, NTU

- HZ-RC02: Saudi Arabia
33158 412sp 1988     D-HEPP: Pegasus by Aug19;
- JA9947: Tokai railway 1989-Sep97, test serial N3208Z

- N6297Z: First Security Bank NA Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Fe+

Lider Taxi Aereo PT-YXA: Lider Taxi Aereo 2000-2018 ?

Oct14, sold Bell 412 1988; 12 Passenger Utility; IFR, +

Eagle Copters C-FOIJ: Eagle Copters Jan16-Dec18

Agrarflug Helilift GmbH D-HEPP: Agrarflug Helilift from Nov18

Jan20, Power Section CP-PS 62028 repair and test carrie+

Local Government D-HEPP: Comunidad de Madrid firefighting, op by Pegasus

Global Helicopter Service GmbH D-HEPP: GHS; pictured (pic2), first aircraft to land at new adr+
33037 1981     EC-IXU: FAASA from 2004
Mexico Government XC-HAN: Mexico Gov, ex N413CH; to N412SA, N412S

ERA Helicopters N177EH: ERA Apr90-Apr04, tmp N177LG

ERA Helicopters N177LG: ERA 2003. rtn to N177EH
33068     EC-IXV: FAASA 2005; 2011 still; 2015 still; pictured unk
ERA Helicopters N422EH: ERA Aviation Mar89-Apr04
36191 412ep 1998     EC-JIM: FAASA from May05
Aga Khan Foundation F-GRAK: Prince Karim Aga Khan, Geneve Jul98-May05, test serial +

- N7015K: Helicopter Exchange Ltd at Fort Worth, TX 26-27may05

Local Government EC-JIM: Gobierno de La Rioja, op by FAASA by Jun18
33064 1988     EC-MEJ: FAASA, noted still N169EH Apr10
- PT-HRI: Brazil, rtn to N5760K

- HL9233: South Korea, rtn to N5760K

Niagara Helicopters C-GBHH: Niagara Helicopters Jun88-Nov09

ERA Helicopters N169EH: ERA Leasing, to XA-BDD

- XA-BDD: Mexico, rtn to N169EH

FAASA Chile EC-MEJ: arrived at San Antonio seaport in Chile; assembled at+
33067 1981     EC-MKC: FAASA from Jan16
ERA Helicopters N421EH: ERA Helicopters May05-Dec15
33058 1981     EC-MKD: FAASA from Jan16
Lloyd Helicopters VH-SUH: Lloyd Australia, noted Nov84

- C-GWMX: W M Aviation Inc at North Vancouver, BC; Jun87 canc, t+

National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSI: NSCA, to N168EH

ERA Helicopters N168EH: Era Helicopters May05-Dec15; pictured (pic1)

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment EC-MKD: MAGRAMA ( Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Me+

20jul18 as /C8 pictured (pic3) at Base Pedroso, Sevilla+
33089 1983     N167EH: FAASA, noted 2010, 2011
National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSO: National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA), noted Oct8+

ERA Helicopters N167EH: ERA Helicopters May05
33031 1981     N417EH: FAASA, noted Jul13
ERA Helicopters N417EH: ERA, ex N3911E
33067 1981     N421EH: FAASA, noted 2008-2009, lsd from ERA
ERA Helicopters N421EH: ERA Helicopters May05-Dec15

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