AgustaWestland AW139
italy Guardia Costiera

Italian Coast Guard

2010 to present

  • Guardia Costiera AW139
  • Guardia Costiera AW139
  • Guardia Costiera AW139

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Coast Guard and Air Force Joint Training, 24-Apr-18 : Italian Air Force instructors began training Coast Guard helicopter crews reflecting an agreement signed last February to optimize national resources

Eight More AW139 for Italian Customs and Coast Guard, 11-Dec-17 : Italian Coast Guard ordered 2 AW139 to be delivered by the end 2018 and Italian Customs and Border Protection Service (Guardia di Finanza) 6 more for 2020. Both replacing ageing AB412

Two Additional AW139 for Italian Coast Guard, 04-Aug-16 : Italian Coast Guard orders two additional AW139 helicopters bringing Guardia Costiera fleet of this model to twelve.

More AW139 for the Italian Coast Guard, 06-Jul-15 : AgustaWestland announced a major milestone in the modernization of the Italian Coast Guard’s helicopter fleet, with the delivery of three further AW139 and an order for two more aircraft


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2018/    4º SVE Decimomannu
2016/    3º NAC Pescara
2016/    3° SVE Pescara
2010/    2º SVE Catania Fontanarossa
2010/    1º NAC Maristaeli Luni Sarzana
2010/    1º SVE Maristaeli Luni Sarzana


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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

31293 2010     MM81741: Guardia Costiera 11-01 d/d May10, test serial CSX81741 ; 300+
31303 2010     MM81747: Guardia Costiera 11-02 d/d Sep10
31313 2010     MM81748: Guardia Costiera 11-03 d/d Oct10
31329 2011     MM81749: Guardia Costiera 11-04 d/d Jan11
31584 2015     MM81885: Guardia Costiera 11-05 d/d May15
31594 2015     MM81886: Guardia Costiera 11-06 d/d May15
31601 2015     MM81892: Guardia Costiera 11-07 d/d May15
31614 2015     MM81893: Guardia Costiera 11-08 d/d Jul15
31622 2016     MM81897: Guardia Costiera 11-09 d/d Jan16
31623 2016     MM81898: Guardia Costiera 11-10 d/d Jan16
31749 2016     MM81910: Guardia Costiera 11-11
31754 2016     MM81911: Guardia Costiera 11-12
31818 2018     MM81947: Guardia Costiera ex CSX81947 oct 2018 full colours (no marki+
31821 2018     MM81948: Guardia Costiera 11-15 ex CSX81948

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