Agusta AB412
italy Guardia di Finanza

Italian Customs Police

Del'd: 22 - 1993 to present


Guardia di Finanza AB412

Being replaced by AW139

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2007/    Nucleo Elicotteri Pisa (GdiF) Pisa San Giusto
2006/    Sezione Aerea Elmas Elmas - Mario Mameli
2004/    Sezione Aerea Venegono Superiore Venegono
2003/    Nucleo Elicotteri Bolzano Bolzano San Giacomo
Nucleo Elicotteri Napoli (GdiF) Naples Capodichino
Nucleo Elicotteri Bari Bari - Palese
Sezione Aerea Catania (GdiF) Catania Fontanarossa

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

25705 ab412hp     MM81442: GF-205
25701 ab412hp     MM81443: GF-201; pictured
25702 ab412hp     MM81444: GF-202
25703 ab412hp     MM81445: GF-203
25704 ab412hp     MM81446: GF-204
25706 ab412hp     MM81451: GF-206; pictured
25707 ab412hp     MM81452: GF-207
25709 ab412hp     MM81453: GF-208
25711 ab412hp     MM81454: GF-209
25712 ab412hp     MM81455: GF-210
25713 ab412hp     MM81456: GF-211
25714 ab412hp     MM81457: GF-212
25708 ab412hp     MM81465: Guardia di Finanza GF-213; 15aug12 pictured at Viareggio
25710 ab412hp     MM81466: GF-214
25716 ab412hp     MM81503: GF-215. Alpino type
25717 ab412hp     MM81504: GF-216
25743 ab412hp 2002     MM81505: GF-217
25744 ab412hp 2002     MM81506: GF-218; pictured
25745 ab412hp     MM81507: GF-219
25747 ab412hp     MM81508: GF-220
25746 ab412hp     MM81509: GF-221
25748 ab412hp     MM81510: GF-222

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