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  • 2017 to present

    HNZ Australia Pty Ltd S-92

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    Fifth Anniversary of PHI / HNZ Broome Base, 07-Jun-22 : #oilandgas PHI / HNZ joint venture in Western Australia celebrating fifth anniversary. Seven AW139 and S-92 helicopters are operating from Broome supporting offshore oil Inpex and Shell operations in the Browse Basin

    HNZ Awarded S-92 SAR Offshore Contract in Australia, 09-May-17 : HNZ Australia to provide a Search and Rescue S-92 for 5 years to INPEX and Shell out of Broome. This adds to the PHI-HNZ joint operation announced last December

    PHI HNZ Australia PTY Limited First Flight, 04-Apr-17 : PHI HNZ Australia PTY Limited S-92 helicopter performed its first flight for the Inpex-led Ichthys LNG Project, based out of Broome, Western Australia

    HNZ / PHI Joint Venture in Australia, 01-Dec-16 : PHI will supply up to four S-92 helicopters for offshore services out of Broome in Australia for the INPEX-led Ichthys LNG Project.


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2017/    PHI / HNZ Australia Broome

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    92-0038 s-92a 2006     VH-IPE: HNZ Australia from Apr17
    Sikorsky Helicopters N8092S: Sikorsky, to N892PH

    PHI Inc N892PH: PHI 2006-2016

    PHI Inc N892H: PHI Oct16-Mar17
    92-0104 s-92a 2009     VH-IPK: HNZ Australia from ; arrived by sea as N923H at Fremantle +
    Sikorsky Helicopters N923PH: Sikorsky towardPHi

    PHI Inc N923PH: PHI 2009-2016

    PHI Inc N923H: PHI Dec16-Jan17
    92-0037 s-92a 2005     VH-IPQ: HNZ Australia from Apr17, pictured
    Sikorsky Helicopters N792PH: Sikorsky

    PHI Inc N792PH: PHI 2006-2017
    92-0116 s-92a 2009     VH-IPX: HNZ Australia from Mar17; arrived by sea as N924R at Freman+
    Sikorsky Helicopters N924PH: Sikorsky toward PHi

    PHI Inc N924PH: PHI Aug09-Dec16

    PHI Inc N924R: PHI Dec16-Mar17
    92-0073 s-92a 2007     VH-IPZ: HNZ Australia from Feb18, pictured Search and rescue (SAR) +
    PHI Inc N921PH: PHI Jan08-Aug15

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GNZV: Canadian Helicopters Ltd from Aug15-Jun17 HNZ titles PH+

    PHI Inc N940P: PHI Jun17-Feb18
    92-0161 s-92a 2011     VH-ISP: HNZ Australia from Jun17
    Sikorsky Helicopters N161U: Sikorsky

    PHI Inc N931PH: Phi Jan12-Jun17
    92-0028 s-92a 2005     VH-ISV: HNZ Australia from Jun17
    Sikorsky Helicopters N692PH: Sikorsky

    PHI Inc N692PH: PHI 2005-2017, pictured
    92-0205 s-92a 2013     VH-IYQ: HNZ Australia from Sep22
    Sikorsky Helicopters N205XC: Sikorsky Jul/Dec 2013, Wells Fargo

    Cougar Helicopters : VIH Group Canada, ntu, to Australia

    Bristow Australia VH-ZUQ: Bristow Australia from Dec13

    in Nassau, Bahamas

    Bristow US N294BG: Tvpx Aircraft Solutions Inc Trustee at North Salt Lake,+

    still with VH-ZUQ

    Bristow US

    maintenance (?) at VIH hangar 6, Victoria, Canada

    Cougar Helicopters C-GVGZ: VIH Aviation Group Ltd Jun21-Sep22
    92-0203 s-92a 2013     VH-IYU: HNZ Australia from Sep22
    Sikorsky Helicopters N203Y: Sikorsky Jul/Dec 2013, Wells Fargo

    Cougar Helicopters : VIH Group Canada, ntu, to Australia

    Bristow Australia VH-ZUO: Bristow Australia Dec13-Jul19, pictured (pic1)

    Bristow G-CLGH: Bristow UK Jul19-Mar20

    Arrived as air freight at Prestwick

    Arrived Aberdeen by road

    Bristow from Jul19

    pictured (pic2) at Perpignan, France in route to Valen+

    Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-BXN: Bristow Nigeria Mar/Dec 2020

    night stop at Perpignan, France

    Cougar Helicopters C-GUPQ: VIH Aviation Group Ltd Dec20-Sep22

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