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HNZ Awarded S-92 SAR Offshore Contract in Australia, 09-May-17 : HNZ Australia to provide a Search and Rescue S-92 for 5 years to INPEX and Shell out of Broome. This adds to the PHI-HNZ joint operation announced last December

PHI HNZ Australia PTY Limited First Flight, 04-Apr-17 : PHI HNZ Australia PTY Limited S-92 helicopter performed its first flight for the Inpex-led Ichthys LNG Project, based out of Broome, Western Australia

HNZ / PHI Joint Venture in Australia, 01-Dec-16 : PHI will supply up to four S-92 helicopters for offshore services out of Broome in Australia for the INPEX-led Ichthys LNG Project.

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Model Types

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  Sikorsky S-922017
  AW AW109SP GrandNew2012
  AW AW1392009

List of Aircraft

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S-92A 92-0038 2006VH-IPE : HNZ Australia from Apr17
S-92A 92-0104 2009VH-IPK : HNZ Australia from ; arrived by sea as N923H at Fremantle to su ...
S-92A 92-0037 2005VH-IPQ : HNZ Australia from Apr17
: in Broome
S-92A 92-0116 2009VH-IPX : HNZ Australia from Mar17; arrived by sea as N924R at Fremantle ...
: in Broome
S-92A 92-0073 2007VH-IPZ : HNZ Australia from Feb18
S-92A 92-0161 2011VH-ISP : HNZ Australia from Jun17
S-92A 92-0028 2005VH-ISV : HNZ Australia from Jun17
: in Broome
AW139 31146 2008VH-NZE : HNZ Australia Jan09-Mar11
AW139 31156 2009VH-NZF : HNZ Australia Jan09-Mar11
AW109SP GrandNew 22301 2013VH-NZQ : HNZ Australia Pty Ltd from May13
AW109SP GrandNew 22281 2012VH-NZU : HNZ Australia Pty Ltd d/d Nov12, shown as fake VH-HNZ
AW109SP GrandNew 22302 2013VH-NZW : HNZ Australia Pty Ltd from Jul13
AW139 31146 2008VH-NZZ : HNZ Australia May/Jun 2014
AS350B3 Ecureuil 3266 2000VH-WCD : HNZ Australia from Dec02
AS350B Ecureuil 2132 VH-WDQ : HNZ Australia Jul09-Aug13
EC145 9158 2008VH-WKA : Helicopters Australia Jun08-Nov15; HNZ Group for sale or lease, , ...
EC145 9209 2008VH-WKC : HNZ Australia 2009-2015
AS350B Ecureuil 1828 VH-WKZ : HNZ Australia, rtn ZK-HNX

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