Boeing-Vertol 234LR
norway Helikopter Service

Del'd: 3 - 1984 to 1995

Helikopter Service Norway LN-OMA LN-OMB and LN-OMK flew oil workers from Stavanger (Sola-ENZV) to Conoco Philips Ekofisk Field from 1983 to 1995.

OMK was sold to Donald Trump. It should fly from Manhattan to Atlantic City but he did not get the FAA permit and was therefore sold to Columbia Helicopters with OMA and OMB as well. O Larsen

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

MJ-022 1985     LN-OMA: Helikopter Services 1985-1995, test serial N240BV
Columbia Helicopters N245CH: CHI from Sep95; conv 234UT

CHI Apr08-Apr10

ICARO Airlines HC-CEO: ICARO, S.A., lsd Columbia

CHI Papua New Guinea P2-CHJ: Papua New Guinea Columbia Helicopters from 2010; Aug16 +

arrived at Essendon

to Wagga Wagga

Columbia Helicopters N245CH: Columbia Helicopters Inc at Aurora, OR from Jul18
MJ-023 1986     LN-OMB: Helikopter Service 1986~1989, test serial N241BV
Trump Airlines N225RA: Trump Airlines ~ 1989-1992

Columbia Helicopters N242CH: CHI at Portland, OR from Sep95; conv 234UT

CHI from Oct00

ICARO Airlines HC-BYF: ICARO , lsd
MJ-017 1984     LN-OMK: Boeing 234LR, c/n MJ-017/B-861, ff?; del Helikopter Services+
Columbia Helicopters N246CH: sold CHI as N246CH, Sep95; conv 234UT unk; current.

CHI Converted to 234 Combi (19 PAK/UT) Via STC June 200+

pictured operating firefighting bambi bucket near Las+

at Ghazni, Afghanistan. Operating as an air taxi betw+

at Aurora, Oregon; 11feb15 still

CHI from Jul16

08aug16 pictured (pic2) at Aurora State airport, Aurora+

at camp HKIA Kabul, Afghanistan

CHI Papua New Guinea P2-CHL: CHI Papua New Guinea Mar/Jul 2016