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    israel Heil Ha'Avir

    Israeli Air Force

    Del'd: 57 - 1969 to present


    Heil Ha'Avir S-65 H-53

    In 1968 the Israeli Defense Force, Air Force ordered (35) Sikorsky S-65C-3 helicopters from new production. They are named Yasur (Petrel) in IDF service. Some have been lost over the years in military action (?) and accidents (5). In 1981, Israel purchased (2) S-65C-2s from Austria, the type having proven too expensive to operate. It is reported that the US provided (10?) ex-USMC CH-53As after the Gulf War in 1991. Staring in 2000, Israel Aircraft Industries has put the surviving Yasurs through a comprehensive upgrade program, featuring SLEP reinforcements, new rotors, partial glass cockpits, and new avionics. Begining in 2005, 4 have been sold to Mexico. The remaining aircraft are flown by No. 114 Sqn and No. 118 Sqn.
    As of 2015, 23 remain in service including upgrades to Yas'ur 2025 standard

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    Israel Selects CH-53K, 26-Feb-21 : #Israel Israel MoD announced selection of the Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion over the Boeing CH-47 Chinook as replacement of their heavy-lifting helicopters CH-53 Yasur

    Spare Parts for Israel’s CH-53D Fleet, 21-Jun-17 : Israel signed agreement with Sikorsky to supply spare parts and associated engineering services in support of the CH-53D Yas’ur helicopters operated by the IAF since 1969


    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    114 Squadron Tel Nof
    118 Squadron Tel Nof

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