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Kaman K-MAX

Kaman produced 38 K-MAX helicopters between 1991 and 2003. Production resumed in 2015 with maiden flight May 12, 2017. In 2021 was announced the unmanned variant Titan. In 2023 was announced termination of the production line.

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Kaman Terminates K-MAX Production

Kaman Terminates K-MAX Production

20-Jan-23 - Cost reduction and efficiency initiatives, including JPF consolidation and K-MAX and K-MAX Titan (unmanned) product discontinuation expected to drive approximately $ 25M annual savings #KMAX
New Orders for Kaman K-MAX

New Orders for Kaman K-MAX

04-Nov-21 - Kaman received new orders for 2 K-MAX medium-to-heavy lift helicopters from USA and Canada. Deliveries expected in Q4 2021 #KMAX
New Order for the K-MAX Helicopter

New Order for the K-MAX Helicopter

22-Jan-21 - Kaman received a new order from an undisclosed customer for the K-MAX crane helicopter to be delivered in the Q1 2021 which follows the delivery of 2 aircraft in the Q4 2020 #KMAX
Brazilian Certification for Kaman K-MAX

Brazilian Certification for Kaman K-MAX

06-Jan-21 - Brazilian civil aviation authority (ANAC, Agencia Nacional de Aviação Civil) issued Type Certificate for the Kaman K-1200 K-MAX. The helicopter will be now available for power line, oil and gas firms and engineering companies among others in the South American country #Brazil
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