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Since its founding in 1945 ( See Timeline ) Kaman Corporation has grown to become a world-leading innovator in the aviation industry and one of U.S. largest industrial distributors and systems consultants.

Model Types

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  Kaman K-MAX381991
  Kaman Seasprite1958

List of Aircraft

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K-1125 122 1962N10029 : Kaman K-1125 Huskie III cn 122, ff: Aug62; reg Kaman as N10029, A ...
K-MAX A94-0021 1997N10KA : Kaman from Jan20
K-MAX A94-0052 2020N12001 : Kaman from Feb20
K-MAX A94-0050 2019N1200Q : Kaman; pictured on d/d
K-MAX A94-0053 2020N1200Q : Kaman from Feb20
K-MAX A94-0002 1992N131KA : Aug14 Lockheed Martin Conducts First Fully Autonomous Mission
: 18nov15 with Stalker XE small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and ...
: Nov16 Autonomous K-MAX UAT pictured (pic2) with S-76 Matrix SARA ...
: pictured (pic3) during demos at Windham Airport Showcase and Sim ...
K-MAX A94-0007 1994N135KA : Kaman Jun94-Mar96; lsd Louisiana-Pacific Corp, 1994
K-MAX A94-0008 1994N136KA : Kaman from 27Jun94; Weyerhaeuser Co 1994, lsd Kaman
K-MAX A94-0016 1996N161KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max 1996
: Kaman Aerospace Corp Feb98-Sep00
K-MAX A94-0010 1994N162KA : Kaman K-1200 Oct94; used for US Navy vertrep trials, unk
K-MAX A94-0014 1995N164KA : Kaman Aerospace from Aug95
SH-2G 246 N167KM : Kaman NZ SH-2G(I) from Mar14
K-MAX A94-0044 N170CB : Kaman Apr18
K-MAX A94-0047 2018N171PL : Kaman Dec18
K-MAX A94-0021 1997N21MX : Kaman K-1200 K-Max f/f 1997; Kaman from 04Feb97; Central Copte ...
SH-2F Seasprite 224 N244KM : Kaman NZ SH-2G(I) from Mar14
K-MAX A94-0034 2002N264KA : Kaman 2002-2004
K-MAX A94-0035 2002N265KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max 01May02; lsd Superior Helicopter / Kaman Aero ...
K-MAX A94-0036 2003N266KA : Kaman 30Jan03-Jun04; San Joaquin Helicopters Jun04-01Jun05, lsd
K-MAX A94-0037 2003N267KA : Kaman K-1200 2003
K-MAX A94-0038 2003N268KA : Kaman Jan03-Apr04
K-MAX A94-0017 1996N311KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max, c/n A94-0017, ff:1996; reg Kaman Aerospace as ...
K-MAX A94-0024 1997N312KA : Kaman K-1200 1997
K-MAX A94-0019 1994N313KA : Kaman 1994, to N699RH
K-MAX A94-0048 2019N313WG : Kaman Mar19
K-MAX A94-0015 1995N314KA : Kaman K-1200 K 1995
: Kaman Aerospace Aug99-2002
SH-2F Seasprite 206 N314KM : Kaman from Mar14, conv to SH-2G(I)
K-MAX A94-0025 1998N317KA : Kaman K-1200 K-Max 1998
K-MAX A94-0001 1991N3182T : Kaman K-1200 f/f 23dec91; reg Sep91; status unk
UH-2A 75 N318KA : Kaman from Mar14, conv to SH-2G(I)
UH-2B 106 N319AK : Kaman from Mar14, conv to SH-2G(I)
K-MAX A94-0026 2000N3289T : Kaman from May00
UH-2B 189 N332KM : Kaman from Mar14, conv to SH-2G(I)
SH-2F Seasprite 206 N356KA : Kaman, conv to SH-2G(A)
K-MAX A94-0030 2001N359KA : Kaman Feb01
K-MAX A94-0042 2017N39HX : Kaman NPL #4 Nov17
K-MAX A94-0043 2017N40HX : Kaman NPL #5 Nov17
K-MAX A94-0051 2019N40HX : Kaman Nov19
UH-2B 166 N424KM : Kaman from Mar14, conv to SH-2G(I)
K-MAX A94-0028 2000N482PH : Kaman 2000
SH-2F Seasprite 225 N523KM : Kaman from Mar14, conv to SH-2G(I)
UH-2B 110 N654KM : Kaman from Mar14, conv to SH-2G(I)
UH-2B 147 N705KM : Kaman from Mar14, conv to SH-2G(I)
K-MAX A94-0045 2018N803RA : Kaman Mar18
K-MAX A94-0046 2018N805RA : Kaman May18
K-MAX A94-0040 2017N994KA : Kaman NPL #2 May17
K-MAX A94-0039 2017N995KA : Kaman NPL #1 f/f 12may17; Jul17 pictured
K-MAX A94-0041 2017N996KA : Kaman NPL #3 May17

46 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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