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Russia’ Sakhalin Energy Orders Three AW189, 21-Dec-18 : #oilandgas Russian Sakhalin Energy ordered 3 AW189 for offshore oil and gas transport operations from Sakhalin Island. Nowadays 60 AW189s are in service worldwide, 11 in Russia

AW189 Oil and Gas Operations in Russia, 19-Jul-17 : Russian Aviashelf to operate an AW189 equipped with all weather full ice protection system in support of oil and gas operations out of Sakhalin Island north of Japan

Rosneft Ordered 20 More AW189, 17-Jun-16 : Russian oil company Rosneft confirms second batch of 20 AW189 within the total order of 160 by 2025. First 10 ordered in 2015. To be assembled in Moscow HeliVert plant with deliveries start by 2018

Rosneft, Leonardo and Russian Helicopters Joint Venture, 17-Jun-16 : Redistribution of Helivert holding. First 13 AW189 to be built in Italy and rest in Russia from 2018. Moscow plant to bring manufacturing localization level up to 70%.

AW189 Obtains Russian Civil Certification, 26-Aug-15 : AgustaWestland announced that the AW189 helicopter has obtained Russian Civil Certification. Ten ordered by Rosneft oil company.

Rosneft Buys Ten AW189, 20-Jul-15 : Russian oil company Rosneft orders 10 AW189 helicopters as part of a total of up to 160 units signed in December 2014 to be delivered between 2015 and 2025

AgustaWestland Confirms Rosneft AW189 Agreement, 07-Jan-15 : AgustaWestland announced that 160 AW189 will be provided to oil company Rosneft by 2025. Will be assembled by HeliVert at its Tomilino plant near Moscow.

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49031 Rosneft from Jul18, test serial I-RAIU
49032 Rosneft from Nov18, test serial I-RAIP
49037     RA-01683: Rosneft from May17, test serial I-EASN
49038     RA-01684: Rosneft from Jul17, test serial I-RAIQ
49042     RA-01685: Rosneft from Sep17, test serial I-RAIU
49043     RA-01686: Rosneft from Sep17, test serial I-EASN
49044     RA-01687: Rosneft from Nov17, test serial I-RAIQ
49046     RA-01688: Rosneft from Jan18
49047     RA-01689: Rosneft
49052     RA-01690: Rosneft
49055     RA-01692: Rosneft for Sakhalin Energy
- RA-01692: Aviashelf Aviation from Oct18; Sakhalin 1 titles