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    Russia News

    02-Feb-21 - First Run for VK-650V Turbine Engine #engine
    01-Feb-21 - Incubators for Newborns for Russian Ansat #incubator
    19-Jan-21 - Russian Certification for Guimbal Cabri G2 #Russia
    04-Jan-21 - Prototype Engine for the Ka-226T #engine
    03-Jan-21 - Ansat-M First Flight #AnsatM
    17-Dec-20 - Mi-171A3 Offshore Helicopter Assembling Started #oilandgas
    17-Dec-20 - Electric Motor to Protect Tropical Helicopters #tropical
    16-Dec-20 - Ka-226T Fuselages Production Began #Ka226T
    23-Nov-20 - First European Ansat Goes to B&H
    21-Nov-20 - Russian Ka-52 on Time and on Budget #Ka52
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