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Rostec at South Africa AAD Expo 2014

Over 770 Russian-made helicopters are in use throughout the African continent

  • Ka-32 and Ka-226 Model Kits

    Ka-32 and Ka-226 Model Kits

  • Mi-35 and Mi-28 Model Kit

    Mi-35 and Mi-28 Model Kit

  • Ka-52 and Mi-28 Model Kits

    Ka-52 and Mi-28 Model Kits

Rostec, September 18, 2014 - The holding company Russian Helicopters is presenting Russian-made military and civilian helicopters at the Africa Aerospace and Defense 2014 (AAD 2014) exhibition held in Pretoria, South Africa, from September 17-21, 2014.

Experts will discuss the unique capabilities of the Mi-171SH, Mi-17-V5, Mi-35M, and Ansat-U helicopters

Along with colleagues from Rosoboronexport, experts from the Russian helicopter company will discuss the unique capabilities of the Mi-171Sh and Mi-17-VS Russian military-transport helicopters, the Mi-35M transport-combat helicopter, and the Ansat-U training helicopter. Russian Helicopters will also present other helicopters to visitors and participants in the exhibition, such as the Mi-8/17, Ka-32A11VS, and the newest development, the Mi-171A2.

“Our position in helicopter market of South Africa, and Africa as a whole, is traditionally strong, and we see this region as one of the most important for us,” said Alexander Mikheev, the CEO of Russian Helicopters. “There are more than 770 Russian-made helicopters on the continent. South Africa uses the Mi-8/17 and Ka-32 helicopters, which are maintained at a special service center for Mi-8/17 civilian helicopters located at the headquarters of the company Denel Aviation. We are now presenting African operators with our most promising new models. I hope that in the near future the fleet in the region will be upgraded with these aircraft.”

During the exhibition, specialists from Russian Helicopters will make several presentations about the multipurpose Mi-8/17 helicopters to official delegations and regional law enforcement agencies. The Mi-171 and Mi-172 helicopters from this series presented to potential African customers are primarily intended for use in civil aviation to transport goods and passengers. These helicopters are multifunctional, reliable, can be used in a variety of conditions, and are characterized by excellent flight performance, as well as ease of operation and maintenance.

Security and police agencies will be shown the Ansat, a light, multipurpose helicopter, as well as its training version, the Ansat-U. The Ansat can be used to transport goods and passengers, as well for police and medical functions, such as surveillance and search and rescue operations. The Ansat-U can be used to train various crews.

Agencies that respond to emergencies and conduct rescue operations will be shown the KA-32A11VS multipurpose helicopter. This helicopter, which features a coaxial rotor, can be used to extinguish fires; respond to technological and natural disasters; and perform special construction and installation work in difficult conditions. The Ka-32A11VS is particularly effective in dense urban areas, as well as remote mountain and woodland areas, and is also capable of landing on the deck of unprepared ships and other difficult sites. The Ka-32 helicopter is used in Azerbaijan, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, Canada, Kazakhstan, China, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, South Korea, South Africa, and Japan.

Their combination of reliability, safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the harshest of environments makes Russian helicopters very appropriate for the African market. Russian helicopters are widely used in United Nations missions, delivering humanitarian aid, supporting peacekeeping missions, and saving lives in the aftermath of disasters and other emergencies. This year, over 150 Russian-made helicopters were involved in UN humanitarian and peacekeeping missions throughout the world.

Africa Aerospace and Defense, the largest exhibition of land, marine, and aerospace technology on the African continent, is organized by the South African Association of Aerospace, Marine, and Defense Industries (AMD), the Armaments Corporation of South Africa (ARMSCOR), and the Commercial Aviation Association of South Africa (CAASA). The exhibition is also supported by the South African Air Force (SAAF).

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