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    Part of Russian Helicopters

    Russian Helicopters
    Russian Helicopters group formed in 2007, is one of the global leaders in helicopter production and currently the only helicopter design and production powerhouse in Russia. The company comprises five helicopter production facilities, two design bureaus and a spare parts production and repair facility. Over 8000 helicopters of Soviet/Russian make are operated in 110 countries worldwide.

    Model Types

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      RusHeli High Speed Combat Helicopter2021
      Mil Mi-171A32020
      RusHeli VRT5002019
      AW AW1892018
      RusHeli VRT3002018
      RusHeli VRT302017
      RusHeli Tiltrotor2016
      Mil Mi-14 Haze2015
      Mil Mi-171A22014
      RusHeli Ka-622013
      AW AW1392012
      RusHeli Ka-522008
      Mil Mi-382007
      RusHeli Ka-32A11BC2007
      Mil Mi-28 Havoc2007
      Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen) 2007
      Mil Mi-26 Halo2007
      RusHeli Ka-226T 2007
      RusHeli Ansat 2007
      Mil Mi-24 Hind2007

    List of Helicopter Operators

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    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        КRET2009 --
        Helicopter Service CompanyHSC? --
        HeliVert2010 --
        Kazan Helicopters? --
        Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise1963 --
        Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair PlantNARP? --
        Progress AAC2008 --
        Rostvertol2007 --
        Ulan-Ude Aviation PlantUUAP? --
        United Engine CorporationUEC? --
        VR TechnologiesVRT2014 --

    Bases and Locations

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    Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
       Kazan PlantKazan Helicopters 2007/   
       Rostvertol PlantRostvertol 2007/   
       Sheremetyevo IntlHSC
       Tomilino HeliportHeliVert 2010/   
    Kazan Helicopters
       Ulan-Ude PlantUUAP 2007/   

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