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    Russian Helicopters

    UUAP :



    ulan-ude aviation plant

    The Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (UUAP) was founded in 1939 and in the 70 years of its existence, it has produced over 8,500 aircraft. From 1956 is manufacturing helicopters. The first models produced were coaxial helicopters developed by the Kamov design bureau: the Ka-15, Ka-18 and Ka-25. From 1970 produced the Mi-8/Mi-17/Mi-171 series.

    As of 2021 produces the Mi-8AMT (Mi-171E for export), Mi-171, Mi-171A2, Mi-8AMTSh (Mi-171Sh) and Mi-8AMTSh-VA helicopters.

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    News of Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant

    Mi-171A2 Training for Kazakhstan Pilots, 22-Feb-22 : #Kazakhstan Kazakhstan pilots from Berkut State Airlines completed Mi-171A2 training at the Russian Helicopters Ulan-Ude training center. The first Mi-171A2 helicopter was delivered to Kazakhstan in early 2019

    India Sky One Airways Pilots Training in Mi-171A2, 21-Dec-21 : #India Russian Helicopters U-UAZ plant will train Indian pilots from Sky One Airways Ltd to operate the new Mi-171A2 helicopter

    Mi-171A3 Offshore Helicopter Assembling Started, 17-Dec-20 : #oilandgas Russian Helicopters Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant started assembly of the Mi-171A3 helicopter designed to support offshore oil and gas installations.

    Ka-226T Fuselages Production Began, 16-Dec-20 : #Ka226T Russian Helicopters Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant completed the assembly line for the fuselage of the Ka-226T light helicopter

    Mi-171Sh Storm Unveiled at Army 2020, 25-Aug-20 : #Army2020 The upgraded Russian helicopter Mi-171Sh, nicknamed “Storm”, adds titanium and Kevlar armor protection, more powerful engines for high altitude flights, an IBKV-17VP glass cockpit and new guided missile weapons

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    2007/    Ulan-Ude Plant


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    2020/    Mi-171A3
    2018/    Mi-171A2
    2007/    Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen)

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    171A02643140101U Mi-171A2 514 grey: w/o 03aug18 hard landing at mount Elbrus
    171A02643170102U Mi-171A2 RA-22880: Russian Helicopters, ex 702 white
    RA-22880: Nov18 pictured being prepared for China Airshow 2018, Zhuhai
    171A02643170103U Mi-171A2 RA-22894: Russian Helicopters
    3 C/N found in this Organisation.

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