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    Russian Helicopters

    2007 to present    


    Rostvertol, OJSC is a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters that produces and upgrades Mil-brand helicopters. As of 2013 mass-produces the Mi-28 Night Hunter (Mi-28NE in its export version); the Mi-35M combat support helicopter; and the multi-role transport Mi-26T, the world’s heaviest-lift helicopter.

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    News of Rostvertol

    Russia Begins Serial Production of Mi-28NM, 01-Oct-20 : NightHunter Rostvertol plant begins serial production of the new Mi-28NM Night Hunter gunship helicopter. Russian Helicopters plans to provide 98 helicopters by 2027

    Mi-26T2 for Ministry of Emergency Situations, 25-Aug-20 : #ARMY2020 The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations to receive the first upgraded Mi-26T2. The Mi-26T2 is an upgraded variant of the largest helicopter of the world

    Russia Begins Serial Production of Mi-35P, 24-Aug-20 : #Hind Rostvertol, part of Russian Helicopters, begun production of the Mi-35P upgraded attack helicopter for an undisclosed foreign customer. The Mi-35P adds new avionics systems including IR, laser designator and NVG capabilities

    Russian Helicopters Defense Review 2019, 31-Dec-19 : #Defense Russian Helicopters companies Progress AAC and Rostvertol delivered more than 20 Ka-52, Mi-35M and Mi-28N/UB attack helicopters to the Russian Armed Forces in 2019 while continue upgrading programs for the Mi-28NM and Ka-52

    First Flight of Modernized Mi-26T2V, 26-Aug-18 : #Mi26 Rostvertol completed first flight of the modernized Mi-26T2V helicopter capable to carry up to 20 tonnes of cargo

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    2007/    Rostvertol Plant


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    2013/    Ka-52
    2007/    Mi-28 Havoc
    2007/    Mi-26 Halo
    2007/    Mi-24 Hind

    Construction Numbers (Not all in this unit)

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    87980006003 ka-52 061 black: Aero India (first!)-96 Airshow
    061 black: f/f at JSC Kamov Plant
    061 black: Zhukovsky Moscow Air Show
    Russian Air Force 061 yellow:
    3538262800002 ka-52 062 ye: F/f
    3538264800003 ka-52 063 ye: F/f
    063 ye: pictured at Paris Air Show
    063 ye:
    3538263901001 ka-52 2009 51 ye:
    Russian Air Force 51 ye:
    3538264901003 ka-52 2009 53 ye:
    53 ye:
    53 ye:
    53 ye:
    53 ye:
    5 C/N found in this Organisation.