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  • NEWS | Mil Mi-28 Havoc in Russian Helicopters

    Russia Begins Serial Production of Mi-28NM

    Rostvertol plant begins serial production of the new Mi-28NM Night Hunter gunship helicopter. Russian Helicopters plans to provide 98 helicopters by 2027


    Russia Begins Serial Production of Mi-28NM

    Helis, October 01, 2020 - MOSCOW - Russian Hellicopters, part of Rostec, has launched serial production of upgraded attack helicopters Mi-28NM.

    "Serial production has begun. Under the current defense order we will provide 98 helicopters by 2027. The first two have been delivered for testing already. One is used for government certification tests, while the other is in flight trials with a new rotor blades that increase speed", said Andrei Boginsky, Russian Helicopters's CEO.

    The Mi-28NM is an upgraded version of the Mi-28N Night Hunter. Development began in 2009 and is fitted with a new panoramic view locator, a new control system with artificial intelligence elements and other modern equipment.

    The helicopter was designed for strikes using precision weapons, aerial reconnaissance and to provide target acquisition.

    The new main feature of the Mi-28MN is a new flight control system lighter and smaller, the PKV-28, which has been developed by the Saratov-based Design Bureau of Industrial Automatics.

    The Design Bureau of industrial Automatics was set up in 1947 and provides all types of activities to the aviation industry. Today develops and produces onboard systems for various aircraft.

    Once the new PKV-28 avionics suite is fully tested will be available for installation in other helicopter models as well.

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