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    Russian Navy


    Ka-52K Gunships For New Russian Mistral Ships, 27-Aug-15 : Russian Helicopters will deliver ship-borne Ka-52K helicopters built for use on-board Mistral-class carriers to the Russian Army.

    Russian Navy Ka-27 ASW Helicopters to be Modernised, 02-Apr-15 : Russian Helicopters plans to repair and modernise a batch of naval shipborne Ka-27 helicopters from the Russian Navy.

    List of Units

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    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        25-й ОКПЛВП - 25th Independent Anti-submarine Helicopter Regiment 25th ASW2010 --

    Bases and Locations

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    Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
       UA Kacha - Кача25th ASW

    Model Types

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      RusHeli Ka-5242015
      Kamov ka-27 Helix1985

    List of Aircraft

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    Ka-52K Katran 35382001001 2015101 ye : f/f
    : first Ka-52K
    : International Maritime Defence Show Lenexpo, St. Petersburg,
    : ARMY 2017 exhibition. Park Patriot
    Ka-52K Katran 35382001002 2015102 ye : Ka-52K
    Ka-52K Katran 35382001003 2015103 yellow : third of K version for Navy at Milya i Kamova farm
    : XV MAKS International Aviation and Space Salon
    : CUBAN
    Ka-52K Katran 35382001004 2015104 yellow : Ka-52K Milya i Kamova farm
    : NTSV im. Mil and Kamova (Lyubertsy) (HE2S)
    : Still
    : Off airport
    Ka-52K Katran 35382609007 no code : prototipe of Ka-52K
    ka-27 Helix 5235003517208 RF19186 : Russian Navy; Sep13 ka27pl type code 12 Yel.

    6 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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