russia Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise

Russian Helicopters

1963 to present    

Production of amphibious and land aircrarft began in 1963 with the Ka-26 released in 1968. In 1972, the plant was renamed Kumertau Helicopter Plant and in 1977 became part of the Kumertau Aircraft Production Association.

- 1973–1989, unmanned reconnaissance drones, along with the М-17 aeroplane and part of the wing for the Tu-154
- 1982–1985, Buran aerospace system
- 1992, renamed Kumertau Aircraft Production Enterprise
- 2001, Ka-31 radar picket helicopter
- 2008, became part of Russian Helicopters.
- In 2003, mass production of the Ka-226 helicopter began, followed by the Ka226T with Turbomeca Arrius 2G engines

Ka-27PL (anti-submarine, transport)
Ka-27 PS (search and rescue)
Ka-31 (radar)
Ka-252 RLD (radar picket)
Ka-32A (certified to Russian standards, multi-purpose, transport category)
Ka-226/Т (certified, light, multi-purpose)
Ka-32А11BC (certified, multi-purpose, transport category)

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News of Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise

Russia and India Working on Ka-226 External Design, 12-Feb-16 : Russian Helicopters holding company and Indian Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) are working on the exterior appearance of the Ka-226T that will be manufactured both in Russia and India




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2007/    Ka-32A11BC
2007/    Ka-226T

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