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    Ministry for Emergency Situations - MChS Rossii


    Mi-26T2 for Ministry of Emergency Situations, 25-Aug-20 : #ARMY2020 The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations to receive the first upgraded Mi-26T2. The Mi-26T2 is an upgraded variant of the largest helicopter of the world

    Ansat Delivered to Russian EMERCOM, 14-May-20 : #EMERCOM Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCON) took delivery of their first Kazan Helicopters Ansat. The aircraft is in utility configuration and will be based at the North-Western Aviation and Rescue Center at Kasimovo Airfield near Saint Petersburg

    Mi-26, Mi-8, and Ka-32 Helps in Firefighting, 28-Jul-15 : Mi-26, Mi-8, and Ka-32 helicopters have been assigned to around-the-clock duty due to the risk of fires in southern Russia.

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    Model Types

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      RusHeli Ansat2020
      RusHeli Mi-26T22020
      EC EC1452008

    List of Aircraft

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    EC145 9131 2007RA-01882 : Emercom EMS, test serial D-HMBE
    EC145 9183 RA-01883 : Ministry of Emergency Situations
    EC145 9175 RA-01885 : Ministry for Emergency Situations (MChS), test serial D-HMBY; Mos ...
    EC145 9711 RA-01887 : Russia Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM), test serial D- ...
    Mi-26 Halo 34001212604 RF-31351 : Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations; w/o 04jul14 at Khabarov ...
    Ansat-GMSU 33104 RF-32751 : Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations May20
    Bo105CBS-5 0903 RF-32760 : involved with search and rescue operation at the crash site of Su ...
    Bo105CBS-5 0912 1996RF-32762 : MChS Rossii; ex D-HMBT
    : 16- Berlin air show
    BK117C-1 7523 RF-32763 : Involved with search and rescue operation at the crash site of Su ...
    Ka-32T Helix-C 8805 RF-32839 : conv Ka-32A c/n 8805/08; Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations ...

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