MBB Bo105



MBB Bo105CBS-5

List of Operators of MBB Bo105CBS-5

From Organisation with model Bo105CBS-5
germany ADAC Luftrettung
    Bo105 1970/07
germany Landespolizei
    Bo105 1971/06
germany DRF Luftrettung
    Bo105 1972/09
germany Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
    Bo105 1992/??
argentina C5N
    Bo105 2 2008/   

argentina Gobiernos Provinciales
australia Australia Air Ambulances
brazil Omni Taxi Aereo
germany Bundesministerium des Innern
greece Elliniki Astynomia
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S-11 1971 DE D-HBGS : 105a BMI; type:CBS-5 Christoph 3
type:CBS-5 Christoph 37
DE D-HBGS : Heli Aviation from 2009 type:CBS-5
S-12 1971 DE D-HMDI : 105a MBB cnvt. to C
105c MBB toward D-HGSA
DE D-HGSA : BMI type:Bo105C ex D-HMDI
type:Bo105CBS-5 at Eurocopter for conversion to CBS-5
type:Bo105CBS-5 Christoph 3
Jan13 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9602
KR HL9602 : Sejin; Jan13 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HGSA
S-14 1971 DE D-HGSC : 105a BMI; cnvt. to CBS-5 year 19..
Dec07 type:Bo105CBS-5 Christoph 7
Dec12 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9603
KR HL9603 : Sejin; Dec12 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HGSC
S-734 1985 CA C-GJDA : 105cbs-2 Sealand Helicopters, 105S CDN BS-4 type, canc Aug88
CA C-GJDA : Toronto Helicopters, canc Jan90
Canadian Helicopters, canc Aug91
DE D-HPPP : DRF from May92; conv 105CBS-4; conv 105CBS-5
S-741 1986 DE D-HJJJ : 105cbs-2 DRF; cnvt. to CBS-5
type:Bo105CBS-5 Christoph 44
2006 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward TC-HMA
TR TC-HMA : RedStar; 2006 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex D-HJJJ
Jul12 type:Bo105CBS-5 toward HL9601
KR HL9601 : Sejin; Jul12 type:Bo105CBS-5 new ex TC-HMA
S-811 1989 DE D-HFFF : 105cbs-4 DRF Luftrettung conv cbs-5;
Christoph 60
S-854 1991 DE D-HFHL : 105cbs-4 DRF; 1991 delivered
2007 type:CBS-5 Christoph 46
type:CBS-5 stored/wfu Baden air park
10oct10 pictured wfu at Baden airpark
US N65DA : Fedorchuck Leasing Llc at Encino, CA from Feb13; Apr20 +
S-858 1990 DE D-HTHA : Polizei Thueringen original built as Bo105CBS4
S-867 1991 DE D-HUHN : ADAC original built as Bo105CBS-4 from 2000 to 2007
S-870 DE D-HFNB : 105cbs-4 Manufacturer test serial; to D-HMBM
DE D-HMBM : ex D-HFNB; to EC-981
ES EC-981 : ex D-HMBM; Conv to CBS-5 c 1991; to EC-LNN
ES EC-LNN : ex EC-981
Preserved at Museo del Aire, since at least 2017
pictured (pic1) at Museo del Aire
S-875 1991 DE D-HFNG : 105cbs-4 MBB re registered to D-HMBM
DE D-HMBM : MBB ex D-HFNG toward N4345F
US N4345 : American Eurocopter; from 1992 to 1993 ex D-HMBM toward+
DE D-HLLL : DRF; from 1994 type:CBS-5
type:CBS-5 Christoph 46
2011 toward new owner HELOG
DE D-HLLL : HELOG from 2011 type:CBS-5; West African rescue associa+
S-899 GR SX-HPB : Police, ex D-HSMB
S-902 BR PT-HZA : Helisul
S-903 RU RF-32760 : involved with search and rescue operation at the crash +
S-904 1996 DE D-HEAA : MBB 1996
DE D-HEAA : IFA 2001-2005
DE D-HEAA : HTM 2006-2007
RU RA-02534 : Uralhelicom, lsd HTM by 2007
S-907 1996 JP JA134Y : Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper from Feb97
S-908 1996 DE D-HGSE : Luftrettung 1996-2008, to N137H
US N137H : ASIA Helicopters at Wilmington, DE from Feb09
ID PK-TWP : Indonesia from Jun10
main rotor mast P/N 4619305032 S/N 488 BO 105 CBS 5 s/n+
ID PK-BAG : PT. Airborn Indonesia from 05dec12
S-909 GR SX-HPC : Police, ex D-HSTR
S-912 1996 DE D-HMBT : Eurocopter toward RF-32762
RU RF-32762 : MChS Rossii; ex D-HMBT
16- Berlin air show
S-915 1996 DE D-HGSH : BMI from 1996; see LV-BLT c/n S.863
S-916 1996 DE D-HGSI : Luftrettung - Bundesministerium des Innern Jun96-Mar07
BR PR-MER : Omni Taxi Aereo by Nov11
BR PR-MER : Heringer Taxi Aereo from Jun14; Sep16 still
S-917 1996 DE D-HGSJ : Bundesministerium des Innern BMI Bundespolizei 1996-Mar+
DE D-HZZY : Mar07, to Brazil
BR PR-MET : Omni taxi aereo; 09oct11 tail rotor touched by HB350 E+
AR : Provincia de Santa Fe from Dec14 via Flight Express SA,+
S-918 1996 DE D-HGSK : BMI Luftrettung (rescue) 1996-2011, to LV-COM
AR LV-COM : C5N news channel from 2011, rpl LV-WJX
pictured (pic1) at Rosario, Santa Fe
pictured (pic2) at Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, Buenos Ai+
30sep15 pictured (pic3) at Aeroclub La Caida, Longchamp+
S-919 1996 DE D-HGSL : BMI Sep96-Sep10; Jan13 to Australia
AU VH-NVK : Surf Life Saving Queensland inc May13-Jul14 ?
AU VH-NVK : QLD Police from Jul14
04apr19 11:00 hs circling over Redbank Plains, QLD
14mar20 12:30 AM annoying every resident in Rochedale S+
S-920 1996 DE D-HGSM : BMI Nov96-2008?
US N105AH : Asia Helicopters Inc at Wilmington, DE Feb09-Jun10
ID PK-TWQ : Indonesia, reser PK-BAH
ID PK-BAH : Indonesia
S-921 1996 DE D-HGSN : BMI Dec96-2008
DE D-HTSA : Eurocopter Germany -Sep15
AU VH-NVP : Surf Life Saving Queensland Inc from Sep15
S-922 1996 DE D-HGSO : BMI Dec96-2008?
DE D-HGSO : Germany unk at Halle -2010?;
BR PR-OMC : Brazil from May10; Geoquasar Energy Solutions Participa+
S-923 1996 DE D-HGSP : BMI Dec96-2008?; D-HUCK ntu
AU VH-NVH : Australia from Sep10
AU VH-NVH : Surf Life Saving Queensland Inc Jan12-?
AU VH-NVH : Police (POLAIR); pictured at Carrara, Gold Coast stil+
S-924 DE D-HGSQ : BMI Feb97-2010
DE D-HSCH : Eurocopter ? Oct10; to Congo DR as unk
S-925 DE D-HGSR : BMI Feb97-2008?
DE D-HGSR : Austria private at Salzburg/Maxglan from
S-926 1997 DE D-HGSS : BMI Bundespolizei, Daihyaku General, Kempten/Klinikum K+
BR PR-MEW : Omni taxi aereo Jul08-2015?
: New Zealand by Aug17
S-927 1997 DE D-HGST : CHRISTOPH-34; crash 03aug08; repair; 2010 sold
S.927 never crashed. An ex Bo105M sold to Russia had a +
DE D-HCPA : Germany unk; at Karlsruhe
AU VH-NVI : Surf Life Saving Queensland Inc at South Brisbane, QLD +
AU VH-NVI : POLAIR (Police); at Carrara, Gold Coast
2019 seen in the hangar without tail. Maintenance?
S-928 DE D-HGSU : BMI May97-Sep10
DE D-HBAR : Eurocopter ? 2013
KR HL9612 : Sejin Aviation, South Korea from Dec14; May18 still
S-929 1997 DE D-HBOA : Eurocopter Germany, to D-HBWH
DE D-HBWH : Polizei Baden-Wurttemberg 2001-2004
DE D-HBWH : Air Lloyd from 2004
visit Antwerp, Belgium
pictured (pic1) at Antwerp, Belgium during the Annual +
30jun15 pictured (pic2) doing some pipeline checkup at +
34 C/N.

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