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Rosoboronexport Announced a Tender for Rebranding

Rosoboronexport, Russia’s only state institution that oversees the export and import of military products and services, has announced a tender for the development of its brand.

  • Rosoboronexport, Russia’s only state institution that oversees the export and import of military products and services, has announced a tender for the development of its brand.
  • Rosoboronexport will undergo rebranding
  • Rosoboronexport Announced a Tender for Rebranding
  • Rosoboronexport will undergo rebranding

Rostec, March 24, 2015 - Rosoboronexport, part of Rostec Corporation and Russia’s only state institution that oversees the export and import of military products and services, has announced a tender for the development of its brand.

The company accounts for over 80% of exports of the Russian military-industrial complex. Largely due to the effective operation of Rosoboronexport, Russia firmly holds the second place among the world’s largest arms exporters, behind only the United States.

Creating a new brand is an important task for a company that delivers products to all regions of the world. Rostec’s products can be found in more than 70 countries around the world, so it is especially important to study carefully the brand’s communication strategy not only in Russia, but also in international markets, including language adaptation.

According to the tender documents, proposals should incorporate up to three languages, including English.

The winner will be required to choose a theme and key messages, shaping marketing and linguistic specificity based on each region, and developing a framework for product and image promotion.

As previously noted by Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Rostec, Rostec has brought together the largest portfolio of industrial brands, many of which are already known around the world, such as KAMAZ, LADA, and Russian Helicopters. Rosoboronexport is also a recognizable brand in the international market, but one that needs to be developed further.

A brand is an asset that affects the company’s capitalization. In global industries, particularly those related to engineering, it is one of the key factors for competitiveness.

For several years, Rostec has been systematically working on the development of its companies’ and holdings’ brands.

In 2012, Rostec itself underwent rebranding, abandoning its old name of Rostechnology for Rostec. This was the first step in developing a more modern and open image corresponding with world standards.

A new logo was created for Rostec in the form of a stylized square, as well as a website in 7 languages. The slogan “Rostec, a partner in development” was also introduced. The company abandoned its five-pointed star as a logo and began using social networks. The new brand is in line with Rostec’s policy of maximum openness in regards to its partners, investors, and the media.

To bring Rostec enterprises up to the same level, a number of its subsidiaries have also undergone rebranding.

In March 2014, the new brand of Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies was presented. The company changed its name to the more sonorous and concise KRET. The concern, which focuses 75% of its work on military technology, was the first company of the military-industrial complex to move toward transparency.

“An international brand and a bilingual website were designed to assist the implementation of KRET’s strategy for international expansion and subsequent integration into world markets,” said Nikolai Kolesov, CEO of KRET.

Kalashnikov, the largest manufacturer of small arms, presented its new brand in late December 2014. The concern has a 95% share of the Russian small arms market. According to the company, though, in order to compete with world leaders, it needed a clear, strong, and recognizable brand.

The rebranding resulted in a portfolio of three brands under the umbrella of the single corporate brand Kalashnikov, including Kalashnikov military weapons, Baikal hunting weapons, and Izhmash sporting weapons.

“Without a strong brand, it is impossible to implement our strategic goal to expand into new markets and increase our share in existing ones. As part of the rebranding, we developed a system of new names for all models of weapons. If we think about it from a commercial perspective, rebranding has served as a symbol of the new history of the concern,” said Alexey Krivoruchko, CEO of Kalashnikov.

In March 2015, the holding company Aviation Equipment was rebranded into Technodinamika. Its new, bright design will be used to form an image of the company on an international level as a creator of innovative aviation solutions.

All these changes are part of a policy to improve Rostec’s visual src="http://rostec.ru/content/files//kalash.jpg" />

Applicants for the rebranding process of Rosoboronexport will have to analyze the competitive environment and communications of the company and also develop a brand platform, corporate slogan, corporate identity, and design elements for the company’s office.

The winner will oversee the restyling of the trademark and provide a fully furnished brand book at the end of the contract.

According to the documentation, the contractor will propose at least three versions of the slogan, as well as carry out any legal, cultural, and linguistic validation and marketing adaptation.

The project should take no more than 120 workdays from the start of the contract, not including time required for approval and implementation of the proposals.

The initial price of the contract is worth 7 million rubles. Submissions will be accepted until April 15, 2015, with results to be announced on May 2.

Rosoboronexport is the only Russian state organization engaging in the export and import of the entire spectrum of products, services, and technologies for military and dual-use purposes.

The company closely monitors trends in the global arms market and pursues a targeted marketing strategy to expand the geography, scope, and volume of exports of Russian military and dual-use products.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the real needs and interests of foreign partners, the company generates targeted programs promoting Russian military products to specific countries and successfully completes them in cooperation with the enterprises of Russia’s military-industrial complex.

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