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Russia Celebrates Army Aviation Day

Russia Celebrates Army Aviation Day
Russian Helicopters, October 28, 2014 - Today ‎Russia‬ celebrates Army‬ Aviation Day.

The first airborne squadron, equipped with helicopters, was created on 28 October 1948 in Serpukhov, outside ‎Moscow‬.

It formed the basis of what was later to become a separate combat branch.

Russian Helicopters develops and supplies the country’s armed forces with the advanced ‪‎military‬ helicopters – such as the Ka-52 “Alligator” and Mi-28NE “Night Hunter”, the military transport Mi-8AMTSh and Mi-17V-5, multirole Mi-35M and the heavy Mi-26.

By 2020 Russia’s armed forces will have received over 1,000 of the newest helicopters.

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