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Start building helicopters in 1929, see history timeline. Now is a Engineering Office of Russian Helicopters


Kamov Design Bureau 66th Anniversary, 07-Oct-14 : The Kamov Design Bureau was founded 66 years ago today.

Producer of Ka-32 and Ka-226 50th anniversary, 14-Sep-12 : Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise (KumAPP), part of Russian Helicopters and a producer of the Kamov Design Bureau’s distinctive coaxial-rotor civilian and military helicopters, is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Model Types

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  Kamov ka-22519591964

List of Aircraft

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Ka-22M Vintokryl 1 34 0101 1961 : kamov, no serial
Ka-22M Vintokryl 1 34 0102 1961 : kamov, no serial
Ka-22M Vintokryl 1 34 0103 1961 : kamov, no serial

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