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    NEWS | Mil Mi-171A2 in Russian Helicopters

    Mi-171A2 Set Record Speed at Baikal Mile Festival

    Russian Mi-171A2 helicopter set a speed record of 268 km/h ~ 167 mph at a minimum altitude of 20 meters ~ 65 feet in close circuit of 1.6 km ~ 1 mile over the iced surface of Lake Baikal


    Mi-171A2 Set Record Speed at Baikal Mile Festival

    Russian Helicopters, March 01, 2020 - The Mi-171A2 of the Russian Helicopters holding of the Rostec State Corporation set the Russian record “The maximum speed reached by a helicopter at a limited distance of 1.6 km”.

    Within the framework of the Baikal Mile Festival of Speed, a civilian helicopter piloted by a crew from the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (U-UAZ) reached a speed of 268 km/h ~ 167 mph at a minimum permissible altitude of 20 meters ~ 65 feet.

    The crew of U-UAZ set the record during three test flights. Before this, a series of training flights were conducted to evaluate the behavior of the helicopter, the operation of the measuring equipment and set up photo and video equipment for shooting.

    “The Mi-171A2 embodied the best characteristics of the world-famous Mi-8/17 series aircraft. The helicopter has been tested in extreme environmental conditions capable of operating at temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. The machine once again demonstrated on Baikal that their best qualities are speed, controllability, maneuverability and stability. A record set at a short distance and with height restrictions confirmed the high flight technical characteristics of the helicopter”, said Rostec executive director Oleg Evtushenko.

    The Mi-171A2 is equipped with VK-2500PS-03 engines (a civilian version of engines that powered the Mi-28 combat helicopters) with a digital control system. The modernized flight-navigation and radio communication equipment has expanded the scope of the helicopter. The Mi-171A2 can be effectively used in conditions of high altitude and high and low temperatures, high humidity, as well as above the water surface. On-board flight and navigation equipment allows you to successfully operate the helicopter day and night in simple and difficult weather conditions.

    “The participation of the helicopter in the festival over the ice surface of Lake Baikal was another opportunity to demonstrate the potential of the Mi-171A2. The flights to set the record started with hovering. The mobile GPS station installed on the helicopter recorded the result”, said Leonid Belykh from the U-UAZ. “I am confident in our technology and pilot skills. Confirmation of this is a certificate that is presented by representatives of the Russian Book of Records.”

    The helicopter was certified in category A, providing for the implementation of the most stringent safety requirements for civilian helicopters.

    Depending on the needs of the customer, the aircraft can perform search and rescue, medical, transport operations, firefighting or carry passengers at any time of the day, at temperatures from -50 to + 50 ° C, in high mountains, deserts, tropical or arctic climates.

    The helicopter is able to make long non-stop flights and is certified in India and Colombia and planned to be also validated in China, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and a number of other countries.

    About Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant JSC: Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant JSC (U-UAZ) is one of the production enterprises of the Russian Helicopters holding. The modern production and technological capacity of the plant makes it possible to manufacture new types of aircraft quickly and combine the creation of prototypes with the line production of equipment.

    In over 75 years of existence, more than 8,000 aircraft have been built at the plant. Today, the plant specializes in the production of Mi-8AMT (Mi-171E), Mi-171 and Mi- 8AMTSh (Mi-171Sh) helicopters.

    About Russian Helicopters: JSC Russian Helicopters (part of Rostec State Corporation) is one of the world leaders in helicopter industry, the only developer and manufacturer of helicopters in Russia. The holding company was established in 2007. The head office is located in Moscow.

    The holding company is comprised of five helicopter plants, two design bureaus, enterprises for production and maintenance of components, aircraft repair plants and a service company providing after-sales support in Russia and abroad. The buyers of the holding company's products include the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, EMERCOM of Russia, and other state customers, Gazprom Avia and UTair airlines, as well as major Russian and foreign companies.

    About Rostec: Rostec is a Russian State Corporation established in 2007 to promote the development, production and export of high-tech industrial products designed for civil and military applications. The Corporation comprises over 700 organizations that are currently part of eleven holding companies operating in the military-industrial complex and three holding companies working in civilian industry, as well as over 80 directly managed organizations. Rostec's portfolio includes well-known brands such as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, Kalashnikov Concern, Russian Helicopters, VSMPO AVISMA, UralVagonZavod, etc.

    Rostec companies are located in 60 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and supply products to more than 100 countries. The consolidated revenue of Rostec in 2017 amounted to RUB 1 trillion 589 billion rubles, while the consolidated net income and EBITDA amounted to 121 and 305 billion rubles, correspondingly. In 2017 the average salary in the Corporation was 46.8 thousand rubles.

    According to Rostec's strategy, the main objective of the Corporation is to ensure that Russia has a technological advantage in highly competitive global markets. Rostec's key objectives include the introduction of a new techno-economic paradigm and digitalization of Russian economy.

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