Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk
sweden Försvarsmakten

Swedish Armed Forces

2011 to present


  • Försvarsmakten UH-60M Black Hawk
  • Försvarsmakten UH-60M Black Hawk

On April 9, 2011 Swedish secretary of Defense, Sten Tolgfors, announced the purchase of 15 UH-60M Black Hawk via an US Army FMS (Foreign Military Sale) program. Known as the Hkp 16, they will fill the gap between the retirement of the Hkp 4 and the fully deployment of the Hkp 14. Sikorsky is building and delivering all 15 aircraft to an accelerated 18-month production schedule that began in May 2011. Seven aircraft are on schedule for delivery to the US Army between September through December 2011, with the remaining eight through the fall of 2012. The plan will enable Sweden to deploy three of them to ISAF Afghanistan in April 2013.
The first 2 Hkp16 were delivered to 2.Hkpskv squadron in December 2011 and the last helicopter was received in April 2013. The same month 4 Black Hawks (ICEPAC unit) were deployed to Camp Marmal, Afghanistan in replacement of 2 Super Puma that were operated for 2 years.

On October 2016, fleet achieved 10,000 flight hours

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Last 2 of Sweden 15 UH-60M to be delivered, 13-Sep-12 : STRATFORD, Connecticut - Sikorsky Aircraft, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., is planning this month to deliver the final two of 15 UH-60M BLACK HAWK helicopters to the U.S. Army for further transfer to the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV).

Saab signs support agreement with Sikorsky, 18-Jan-12 : The defence and security company Saab has signed a major support agreement with Sikorsky Aerospace Services regarding technical maintenance and support for Sweden's BLACK HAWK helicopters.

Black Hawk training at SAAB, 02-Dec-11 : Saab technicians are today commencing their training in the Swedish Armed Forces' new helicopter system, the HKP16 Black Hawk. The training begins with a week-long introductory course and is followed by a complete course regarding the UH-60M Black Hawk.

Sikorsky Meets Accelerated UH-60M BLACK HAWK Deliveries for Sweden, 17-Nov-11 : STRATFORD, Connecticut - Sikorsky Aircraft, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX), today delivered to the U.S. Army the fourth of 15 UH-60M BLACK HAWK aircraft for further transfer to the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV).

Saab signs Teaming Agreement with Sikorsky, 21-Jun-11 : Defence and security company Saab and Sikorsky has signed a Teaming Agreement regarding support and training services for the Swedish Black Hawk Programme.

Sweden Becomes 1st European Nation with UH-60M, 18-May-11 : Sweden orders 15 UH-60M Black Hawk to be used by the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2012/    2Hkpskv Linköping / Malmen

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70-4130     161226: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27226 as 161325; 03jun12 2.Hkpskv /01+
    161227: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27227 as 161326; pictured before del+
70-3820 2011     161228: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27228 as 161327; reser 161031; 03jun1+
70-3821     161229: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27229 as 161328; 03jun12 2.Hkpskv /04+
70-3824     161230: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27230 Oc12 2.Hkpskv /05
    161231: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27231 Oc12 2.Hkpskv /06
70-4133     161232: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27232 Oc12 2.Hkpskv /07
    161233: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27233 Oc12 2.Hkpskv /08
70-3912     161234: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27234 Oc12 2.Hkpskv /09
70-3922     161235: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27235 Oc12 2.Hkpskv /10
    161236: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27236 unk 2.Hkpskv /11
70-3957     161237: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27237 Apr13 2.Hkpskv /12
70-3999     161238: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27238 (?) Mar14 2.Hkpskv /13
70-4034     161239: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27239 2.Hkpskv /14
    161240: SAF Hkp-16 type FMS 11-27240 2.Hkpskv /15

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