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    NEWS | Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra in BLR Aerospace

    AH-1 Cobra FastFin®+ System Near Certification

    BLR Aerospace AH-1 Cobra FastFin®+ performance system kit is near to get Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification. Attack Logistics in Seattle, WA become exclusive worldwide distributor
      Heli-Expo 2022


    AH-1 Cobra FastFin®+ System Near Certification

    BLR Aerospace, March 10, 2022 - Dallas, Texas – BLR Aerospace has completed all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for its AH-1 Cobra FastFin®+ Performance System, STC issuance is pending.

    BLR’s AH-1 FastFin+ System is comprised of aerodynamic modifications to the tailboom and vertical fin, a new modern technology Inlet Barrier Filter, and an innovative modification to the engine oil cooler system.

    Performance benefits of the FastFin+ System include an increase in useful load up to 1,100 pounds when engine temperature limited and more than 1,500 pounds when directionally control limited, a 30°C reduction in engine temperature in hot and high conditions, a 10% increase in tail rotor pedal margin in hover and low speed flight when operating in challenging wind conditions, and a significant improvement in engine air filtration extending time between engine overhauls.

    BLR’s AH-1 FastFin+ Performance System includes new Flight Manual Supplements with increased performance and expanded operational capabilities.

    “The BLR FastFin+ system removes nearly all the operating limitations that AH-1 operators and fleets currently face. The FastFin+ System technology has dramatically increased the operating capabilities of the AH-1 Cobra and provides un-paralleled performance found only in modern attack helicopters,” said Mike Carpenter, President of BLR Aerospace, adding that this just another example of how BLR’s patented FastFin® system can dramatically improve the performance of an existing helicopter.

    Attack Logistics is the Exclusive Worldwide Distributor for the AH-1 Cobra FastFin+®

    BLR Aerospace is pleased to announce it has entered a strategic partnership with Attack Logistics to become BLR’s exclusive worldwide distributor of its AH-1 Cobra FastFin+® Performance System.

    The FastFin+ Performance System combines aerodynamic modifications to the aircraft tailboom and vertical fin, a new modern technology Inlet Barrier Filter, and an oil cooler system efficiency improvement.

    This combination offers an increase in useful load allowing full-fuel missions with game-changing munitions load-up. In addition, the Cobra FastFin+ System increases mission flexibility by improving wind azimuth tolerance while in hover and controllability during slow flight.

    The newly designed BLR engine barrier filtration system increases engine efficiency, reduces engine temperature (TGT) and provides improved engine filtration to reduce unscheduled engine removals related to erosion of compressor and turbine gas-path components.

    Attack Logistics is an affiliate of Canwest Aerospace, a provider of Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul for rotorcraft and fixed wing aircraft all over the globe. Canwest also supports numerous legacy aircraft fleets around the world providing spare parts, logistical support and modernization programs.

    Attack Logistics will offer similar legacy aircraft services and support to the world’s aging AH-1 Cobra fleets. The combination of BLR’s FastFin+ Performance System and Attack Logistics’ logistical and modernization support will breathe new life and capability into AH-1 Cobra fleets all over the world.

    “Attack Logistics and Canwest’s presence and experience supporting legacy aircraft fleets around the world made them the obvious partner to distribute and support BLR’s AH-1 FastFin+ Performance System to AH-1 Cobra fleets all over the world”, said Mike Carpenter, BLR Aerospace’s President.

    “Attack Logistics is pleased to be partnering with BLR in bringing much needed relief to military Cobra operators,” said Dave Marone, Attack Logistics’ president. Marone explained that “installing the BLR performance modifications into the legacy AH-1S /F Cobra will act as a force multiplier by significantly increasing the aircraft’s range and lethality.”

    About Attack Logistics: Attack Logistics, LLC is a Seattle Washington based aviation company focused on the sustainability of the AH-1 S/F Cobra. Founded by Dave Marone and Tom Jackson, Attack Logistics offers world militaries program consulting and defense services including performance improvements, logistical support, maintenance training, and engineered solutions for system and part obsolesce.

    About BLR Aerospace: BLR Aerospace, headquartered in Everett, Washington, provides performance-enhancing products now on more than 10,000 helicopters and airplanes worldwide and is endorsed by industry-leading OEMs such as Airbus Helicopters, Textron Aviation, and Bell Helicopters.

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