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    NEWS | AgustaWestland AW169 in AgustaWestland Philadelphia

    AW169 USA Demo Tour

    Leonardo launches 6-month demo tour in USA of the AW169 helicopter in air ambulance medical configuration.

    * The AW169 in emergency medical services (EMS) configuration first entered service in the United States with Texas Travis County STAR Flight in 2019


    AW169 USA Demo Tour

    Leonardo, June 02, 2021 - A six-month, nationwide demonstration tour of the AW169, with a special emphasis on highlighting its unique, stellar EMS capabilities will start in June.

    The demos will take place nationwide, ending November 2021 in Fort Worth (TX) at AMTC. Accompanying the flying aircraft will be a dedicated mockup to illustrate to medical crews the multiple interior available solutions, including power load stretcher capability

    The AW169 is a state-of-the-art, twin engine, light intermediate 4.8-ton aircraft offering the latest in versatility. Its high levels of performance, low vibrations, long range and safety features ensure operational capabilities in even the most challenging of environments and weather conditions.

    The AW169 is distinguished by a high level of customization. Experienced designers offer specialized advice on the perfect mix of features, specific to the intended use and operating procedures. Its spacious and unobstructed regular cabin allows EMS crews to position stretchers longitudinally or transversely, accompanied by a multitude of seating arrangements.

    Part of the AW Family of products, the AW169 is taking its influence from the world-renowned AW139. The cabin features an open architecture, allowing each hospital program to configure their AW169 to fit their operational requirements. This includes 360- degree access to either one or two patients, room for up to five medical personnel, and contains adequate space for today’s specialty care transport, including but not limited to NICU/PICU and ECMO. The AW169 large cabin doors also allow for the installation of a PowerLoad Stretcher system.

    The AW169 is the only worldwide helicopter in its class to be equipped with an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) mode capability. The APU mode allows the rotors to stay stopped while the cabin electrical and climate control are still operational, allowing for medical crews an unlimited time to stabilize patients as needed/required in the safest environment possible.

    Leonardo has recently opened its new Helicopter Training Academy that also includes production, support and administrative functions for the US market.

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    AgustaWestland AW169 in AgustaWestland Philadelphia