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Enstrom Files for Bankruptcy and Close

After 64 years of operations, Enstrom declares Chapter 7 bankruptcy after suffering financial difficulties in recent years. They delivered their final helicopters, a pair of 280FX trainers to the Peruvian Air Force, last December

Parts, technical support, overhauls and new helicopters will no longer be available from the factory

Enstrom Files for Bankruptcy and Close
Helis, January 21, 2022 - Menominee, MI - The Enstrom Helicopter Corporation has announced that it will end all operations on 21 January 2022, after filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy is being managed by the Troy, Michigan-based Butzel & Long Law firm.

The company, which celebrated 60 years of operation in 2019, has produced over 1,300 helicopters, in operation across 50 markets. However, it had reportedly suffered serious financial difficulties in recent years. Enstrom was known for producing the turbine engine 480 and piston engine F-28, 280 and TH180 rotorcraft.

The company delivered its final helicopters, a pair for 280FXs, to the Peruvian Air Force in December 2021. It subsequently ceased taking new parts orders and supplying overhauls on 7 January but continued offering technical support to customers until 19 January.

An incredible legacy for the people of Michigan and Wisconsin Enstrom President Matt Francour has suggested that multiple groups have already expressed interest in acquiring Enstrom’s assets and restarting the company, saying: “I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but I have a feeling we’ll be back. I can’t say enough about the team of people we have here,” added Francour.

“They’ve continued to work throughout the pandemic and our financial difficulties to get aircraft out the door and supply parts and technical support to our large in-service fleet. Their dedication to our customers is truly special.”

Enstrom’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Dennis Martin, added: “Millions of hours flown, tens of thousands of pilots trained, think of all the lives these aircraft have touched. It’s an incredible legacy, and the people of Northern Michigan and Wisconsin who helped start the company, and especially the hard working employees who kept it going all these years should be proud of what we accomplished.”

About Enstrom : Founded in 1959, Enstrom Helicopter Corporation designed and produced light single-engine helicopters for the global market. Missions include helicopter training, police and wildlife patrol, aerial photography and tours, ag spray and livestock management, and personal transportation. Enstrom was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chongqing General Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd. (CGAG).

Enstrom Files for Bankruptcy and Close
Enstrom 280FX Shark piston helicopter

Enstrom Files for Bankruptcy and Close
Enstrom 480B turbine helicopter

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