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R44/S300 Simulators for China Flying Dragon Aviation

China Flying Dragon General Aviation Co ordered two Frasca Flight Training Devices (FTDs) simulators convertible between the Schweizer S300 and the Robinson R44 helicopters

China Flying Dragon General Aviation Co ordered two Frasca Flight Training Devices (FTDs) simulators convertible between the Schweizer S300 and the Robinson R44 helicopters

Frasca International, April 08, 2016 - Urbana, IL. FRASCA International, Inc. has received an order for two Helicopter Flight Training Devices (FTDs) for China Flying Dragon General Aviation Co. Ltd, located in the Heilongjiang Province, China.

The two S300/R44 FTDs will be convertible between the Schweizer S300 and the Robinson R44.

The FRASCA S300/R44 FTD is a high fidelity, dual certified, simulator for the Schweizer S300 and Robinson R44 helicopter. The simulator cockpit accurately replicates the aircraft, including panels, controls and instrumentation. The simulator can easily be converted between the S300 configuration and R44 configuration. FRASCA certified FTDs allow safe and efficient training performed in the simulator instead of the aircraft. Additional features include FRASCA’s TruVision™ system providing highly realistic visual training environments.

Frasca's light helicopter FTDs have become popular simulators in the worldwide helicopter training market. In addition to these two simulators for China Flying Dragon, Frasca recently delivered a S300/R44 FTD to Xin Lin Feng Teng GA Corporation in Guanghan, China and a R44 FTD to Sky Safari in Shanghai, China. Additionally, Frasca has received an order for a R44 FTD to Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon U.S.A.

"Flying Dragon is committed to training pilots to the highest proficiency level. We carefully evaluated several simulator suppliers and chose the Frasca S300/R44 CAAC Certified Level 5 FTD. FRASCA products and services have excellent reputations including a full service product and customer support center located in China." stated Ms. Gong Quan, Deputy General Manager of China Flying Dragon, Great Khingan Mountain Branch.

Mr. John Frasca, President and CEO of Frasca International, Inc. said “China Flying Dragon’s addition of the FRASCA S300/R44 FTD illustrates expanding helicopter training operations as well as China’s continuing need for high quality, cost effective simulators. We are very appreciative that China Flying Dragon GA Co, Ltd. selected Frasca and look forward to further cooperation. The CAAC and Chinese flight training institutions give public safety a top priority and Frasca is honored to be a major contributor.”

Mr. Niu Tao, President of Lantech Engineering, Ltd., (Frasca’s exclusive Chinese distributor and product and Customer support partner located in Beijing) said “Frasca has a strong presence in China. Lantech and Frasca have a long successful working relationship with the CAAC and with numerous Chinese Flight Training Centers. Frasca and Lantech are committed to ensuring the highest quality products to the Chinese flight training industry and uncompromised safety to the air traveling Chinese people”.

Frasca has been active in the Chinese aviation market for over 25 years. Chinese Customers include Government Flight Colleges & Universities, Chinese Airline Training Centers, Privately owned Chinese Aviation Academies & Schools and Chinese General Aviation Companies. Currently there are 14 major Chinese Customers operating 34 Frasca simulators.

About China Flying Dragon: China Flying Dragon General Aviation Company Limited is affiliated with AVIC helicopter and is approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China as a general aviation company. The main business of the company includes the service of aircraft, the training of pilots, and aircraft maintenance and modification. Chinese Flying Dragon has become an important force in the field of general aviation in China. The company has registered a total of 17 aircraft models, more than 60 aircraft, while having fixed wing and helicopters aircraft. In recent years, the annual average flight operations has been more than 12000 hours. The company has a rich experience utilizing excellent service, flight, and maintenance teams to provide our customers safe, professional, and high-quality mix of flight services. China Flying Dragon offers comprehensive pilot training qualification programs including aircraft for private pilot license, commercial pilot license, for both fixed winged and helicopter aircraft.

About FRASCA International: Frasca International, Urbana, Illinois, USA, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Flight Simulators, Flight Training Devices and Simulation components. Frasca has a proven reputation for delivering high quality simulation equipment and leads the industry in simulation technology such as aerodynamics simulation, flight test, data acquisition, visual systems, NVG simulation, control loading, motion systems, motion cueing, manufacturing & fabrication, electronics design and more. Since it’s founding in 1958, over 2700 Frasca simulators have been delivered worldwide. Frasca is ISO: 9001 certified.

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