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Mi-26 Provides Fire Safety at the China’s G20

Chinese company Lectern Aviation’s Mi-26TS heavy helicopters extinguished three fires that threatened settlements where the G20 summit was being held.

Chinese company Lectern Aviation’s Mi-26TS heavy helicopters   extinguished three fires that threatened settlements where the G20 summit was being held.

Rostec, October 05, 2016 - The heavy-duty Mi-26TS helicopter manufactured at the Rosvertol factory of the Russian Helicopters Holding and supplied to China in July 2016 took part in extinguishing of three fires in Zhejiang, where the G20 summit was being held.

Mi-26TS was bought by the Chinese company, Lectern Aviation Supplies, for the needs of Shandong, where there an active program aimed at the forest area preservation and increase is being implemented. After being delivered to China, the helicopter proceeded to complete operations involving fire fighting and the transportation of equipment and large-scale cargoes; it was also involved in providing fire safety at the G20 summit in Hangzhou (the Zhejiang province) in early September.

Over its period of duty in September 2016, three fires were extinguished in the forested and mountainous areas of Zhejiang. One of the fires occurred in the vicinity of settlements, but thanks to these helicopter giants, Chinese fire fighters prevented the fire from approaching residential buildings. Mi-26TS extinguished the burning forest in 2 hours, having discharged 120 tons of water on the fire. After these operations, the helicopter crew was shown gratitude from the province leaders for their excellent and effective work; it was also granted a commemorative award. Currently, the helicopter is on duty in Shandong.

“Safeguarding regions, where the measures take place at the highest level, is our most important mission. And we are glad that Russian-made helicopters can take direct part in these events. China is our strategic partner at the Asian market and we continue jointly implementing several promising projects," Alexander Shcherbinin, the Deputy Head for Marketing and Business Development, Russian Helicopters, said.

Along with the new Mi-26TS purchased by Lectern Aviation Supplies, commercial and state-owned companies of China also operate another three such helicopters. Two Mi-26TS are in the helicopter fleet of Qingdao Helicopter and another helicopter is used by the China Flying Dragon General Aviation. All four Mi-26TS successfully serve the Ministry of Forestry in China and annually participate in the suppression of forest fires.

According to the evaluations of most experts, Mi-26TS is one of the most successful acquisitions of Chinese aviation over the recent years. Mi-26TS (certified according to the flight standards of China) is a unique machine that can carry cargo with a total weight of up to 20 tons inside its cabin or by suspended load. Mi-26TS is unequalled all over the world as related to load-carrying capacity. The machine has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in the suppression of larges fires in the PRC. At the emergency management, the main task of the Mi-26TS was to supply fire units to the fire-fighting locations, as well as to discharge water on the forest areas being on fire. Its operational features guarantee efficiency, constant precision and the task execution speed, irrespective of weather conditions or other unbiased difficulties.

Russian Helicopters is a leading player in the global helicopter industry and the sole Russian designer of helicopters. The Holding was established in 2007 with its headquarters in Moscow. The Holding includes five helicopter assembly plants, two design bureaus, a component manufacture and maintenance enterprise, as well as aircraft repair plants and helicopter service companies providing aftersale support within Russia and abroad.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, EMERCOM of Russia, other state customers, aviation companies such as GAZPROMAVIA and UTair, as well as other major Russian and foreign companies are the buyers of the holding's products. In 2015, Russian Helicopters increased its revenue by 29.5% to 220 billion rubles, according to the IFRS data, and supplied a total of 212 helicopters.

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