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Helideck InfoShare Reporting Tool by HeliOffshore

HeliOffshore, the international association dedicated to improving offshore helicopter safety, launched Helideck InfoShare reporting system for operational incidents

Helideck InfoShare Reporting Tool by HeliOffshore
HeliOffshore, May 19, 2020 - On May 14th, HeliOffshore launched the Helideck InfoShare – a confidential reporting system to help stakeholders share, and learn from, Helideck operational incidents to support our mission that no lives are lost in offshore aviation.

The Helideck InfoShare system enables members to anonymously submit events and experiences, from which others can learn, to collaboratively improve safety for the whole industry.

Acting CEO François Lassale said: “HeliOffshore has pioneered a collaborative method to bring people together despite their competitive, geographical and technical differences. We particularly pay attention to the interfaces between global stakeholders. Helidecks are an operational ‘junction point’ between the helicopter operator, the oil and gas operator and the helideck owner. It is essential we share the events and experiences that occur at this point so our collaborative efforts are more effective and really do enhance global safety performance.”

Patrick Bosman, one of the Helideck Working Group leaders, added: “Helideck Infoshare ensures safety information is not siloed, not lost in organisational complexities. By creating a common reporting point, available to all, we ensure the right information, gets to the right place, at the right time, to make the biggest difference for safety. This is an exciting milestone for our group and for HeliOffshore’s collaborative effort.”

In addition to existing HeliOffshore members, the Helideck InfoShare system can be accessed by relevant contributors, such as IOGP members, so the very best information is available to improve safety throughout the industry. Please contact HeliOffshore Safety Intelligence Programme Manager, Matt Greaves if you are interested in benefitting from this initiative.

The Helideck InfoShare system builds on the same platform used for the existing Operator InfoShare system which was established in 2015. The whole InfoShare system forms part of the HeliOffshore Safety Intelligence Programme (HSIP) and protects the anonymity of participants through the use of strict protocols.

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