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HeliOffshore, formally the International Offshore Helicopter Association, is dedicated to constantly improving offshore helicopter safety around the world . Founded by Avincis, Bristow, CHC, Era and PHI in 2014.


Safety Case for Flight Crew Operating Manuals, 02-Apr-19 : #Safety HeliOffshore released new videos about implementation of Flight Crew Operating Manuals (FCOMs) to help helicopter operators to achieve tangible safety benefits

Return to Base Events Causal Factors, 04-Mar-19 : #safety HeliOffshore, an association dedicated to improving offshore helicopter safety, collected data shows how addressing the main causal factors of return to base (RTB) events will further strengthen the reliability and resilience of offshore helicopter operations

Flight Crew HTAWS Alerts Strategy by CAA, 21-Jan-19 : #safety UK’ Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) published CAP 1747 report to optimize alerts with Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems (HTAWS) for the EUROCAE WG110 working group

Safety Benefits of Evidence-Based Training (EBT), 09-Jan-19 : #EBT Evidence-based training benefits safety by training pilots based on actual experience and operational circumstances. HeliOffshore, an International Offshore Helicopter Association, held first of a series of workshops

HeliOffshore Groups for Wind Farms, Helidecks and SAR, 07-Aug-18 : #oilandgas HeliOffshore formed 3 new work groups to focus the implementation of its safety strategy with regard to helidecks, search and rescue (SAR) and wind farms

HeliOffshore Seeking Advice For Eye-Tracking Research, 13-Jun-18 : #research HeliOffshore is consulting with Type Rating Instructors (TRIs) and Type Rating Examiners (TREs) to advise on next steps for eye-tracking research. So far, 39 pilots from Babcock, Bristow and CHC have been involved in the research.

31-May-18 - Videos Shows Operational Effectiveness #oilandgas
05-May-18 - HeliOffshore Conference 2018 in Italy
28-Mar-18 - Safer Maintenance for Offshore Helicopters
01-Mar-18 - Milestone Sponsorship HeliOffshore’s Safety Programmes
11-Dec-17 - HeliOffshore and Honeywell Demonstrate HTAWS
20-Oct-17 - HeliOffshore HUMS Best Practice Guidelines Update
28-Sep-17 - HeliOffshore Collaborating in Life-Saving Projects
06-Jun-17 - Portable Oil Lab Q5800 at HeliOffshore Conference
17-May-17 - HeliOffshore Conference 2017
06-Mar-17 - GE and HeliOffshore Partnership Heli-Expo 2017
11-Oct-16 - IOGP and HeliOffshore Agreement Helitech 2016
19-Sep-16 - UTair joins HeliOffshore
24-May-16 - HeliOffshore Selects Jive Cloud Software Solution
16-May-16 - HeliOffshore Second Annual Conference
26-Feb-16 - Sikorsky Collaborates to Improve Safety Heli-Expo 2016
18-Nov-15 - HeliOffshore Launched HUMS Best Practice Guidance
21-Oct-14 - Helicopter Operators Formally Launch HeliOffshore

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