725 Squadron will train new RAN MH-60Rs

Australia Dept.Defence, December 13, 2012 - Minister Smith and Minister Clare today also announced that the name of the new training squadron to operate the Navy’s MH-60R ‘Romeo’ helicopters would be 725 Squadron.

725 Squadron will form as the operational training squadron, while 816 Squadron, which currently operates the S-70-B2 Seahawk, will transition to the MH-60R as the operational support squadron.

In June 2011, Government announced that 24 MH-60R “Romeo” naval combat helicopters and supporting systems would be acquired under Project AIR 9000 Phase 8.

Australia is the first foreign customer for the MH-60R helicopter which will offer the latest in anti-submarine and surface sensors and weapons, including the Mk 54 torpedo and the Hellfire air-to-surface missiles.

The designation 725 Squadron has been chosen as it has long lineage of helicopter and anti-submarine operations and training. Notable exploits of the Squadron include the rescue of sailors following the collision of the aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne with HMAS Voyager on the night of 10 February 1964, escort duties in the 1960s for HMAS Sydney in her resupply missions to Vietnam and flood relief operations in Nowra in July 1974 where the Fleet Air Arm rescued some 352 people.

The Squadron was last decommissioned on 27 December 1975.

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