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    NEWS | NH Industries MRH90 Taipan in Australian Army Aviation

    Australia MRH90 Grounded Again

    With the multi-national Talisman Sabre military exercise to begin in Queensland, the Australian Defence Force grounded its MRH90 helicopter fleet as a safety precaution


    Australia MRH90 Grounded Again

    Helis, June 21, 2021 - The Australian Defence Force (ADF) announced that has temporarily suspended flying operations of the MRH90 Taipan helicopter fleet.

    "The fleet was suspended as a safety precaution. The issue relates to the application of the helicopter's maintenance policy in the helicopter's IT support system."

    "Australian Army and Navy aviation will continue to support their exercise and operational commitments with Tiger, Chinook, Black Hawk and Seahawk helicopters."

    "Defence and Airbus Australia Pacific are currently working collaboratively to remediate this issue and they expect to end this suspension as soon as possible" a defence spokesperson said.

    Army's 5 Aviation Regiment based in Townsville is no longer expected to be flying the MRH90 in Australia’s largest multi-national war games, Talisman Sabre, after also missing out on this week’s Exercise Sea Explorer.

    This is not the first time Australian MRH90s are grounded being the last time in 2019 following a serious tail rotor vibration.

    Selected by Australia in 2005, the MRH90 (NHI NH90 assembled locally) achieved final operational capability (FOC) in 2019 with a total of 47 helicopters delivered to the Army (41) and Navy (6).

    The navy uses the MRH90 in utility missions with 808 Squadron but already has a new "Logistics Helicopter" project planned for 2025.

    The army recently added 2 Leonardo AW139 to support the MRH90 in non-combat tasks

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