PHI Chooses Fox to Enhance its Training Operation

Britannica Knowledge Systems Fox TMS to support the advancement of safety, quality, efficiency, and customer service at the global helicopter services company

Britannica KS, December 01, 2014 - PHI, Inc., one of the world's leading helicopter services companies, has purchased Britannica Knowledge Systems' commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software platform, the Fox Training Management System.

Fox was chosen to enhance PHI's training operation in support of its core values: safety, quality, efficiency and customer service.

PHI will use Fox to manage training program schedules and resources; maintain qualification standards; manage expiration notifications; report to regulatory and other supervisory bodies; oversee training; build curriculum; administer and document evaluations; execute online/offline electronic grading; and much more. The scope of this project includes all design, development, coding, licensing, support and training of PHI's Fox-based TMS.

PHI primarily selected Fox to deliver a reliable mechanism for automatically tracking, maintaining, and notifying of certification and regulatory compliance. PHI will use Fox to systemize training data to comply with the myriad of standards imposed during the audit process, making this information easily accessible to regulators and customers. Fox's dashboards will also support training improvement by making it possible for PHI to closely monitor all aspects of their training operations. The PHI training director described it as "window into the success of their training program," with detailed program analysis, reports and the ability to forecast.

Fox's mobile online or offline electronic evaluation engine used on iPads or Android tablets is another essential tool for PHI to utilize for quick corrective steps in remedying training deficiencies. The ability to analyze evaluation result trends (such as a training item that every pilot missed) and take real-time corrective measures will result in a safer pilot and flight operations. PHI can also use this analysis to gauge whether a new training practice is producing the desired outcome.

PHI has one more overarching TMS project goal: economic savings. They have projected that this greater efficiency will result in significant expenditure reduction. Fox provides analysis to help PHI make the right financial decisions. It helps increase throughput and decrease spending due to automated tools that manage multiple interconnected scheduling and resource scenarios. The result is mitigated training interruptions and maximized resource utilization.

About PHI, Inc.: Headquartered in Lafayette, Lousiana, PHI is recognized around the world by operators and manufacturers alike as the industry leader in helicopter maintenance support services. Known for the relentless pursuit of safe, reliable helicopter transportation, PHI offers services to the offshore oil and gas, onshore mining, international, air medical, and technical services industries. The highly skilled staff of pilots and maintenance technicians gives the company great depth in all areas of operation. In addition to operations in the United States, where daily activity is conducted in conjunction with 45 nationwide heliports, the company has been in service in 43 foreign countries and continues to operate for customers across the globe.

About Britannica Knowledge Systems: Britannica Knowledge Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Encyclopedia Britannica, offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated training management solutions. The company’s proven track record is based on more than 30 years of hands-on experience in providing ideal solutions for the most demanding training operations in the areas of defense, civil aviation, security, UAS and corporate business. The combination of a robust technology, proven methodologies and unparalleled commitment to quality, all contribute to the company’s success and reputable standing.

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