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H145 for ExxonMobil PNG LNG Project

ExxonMobil ordered its first Airbus helicopters in the form of 2 new 5-blades H145 to based at the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant (HGCP) in Papua New Guinea in support of the PNG LNG (liquefied natural gas) Project

H145 for ExxonMobil PNG LNG Project
Airbus Helicopters, November 23, 2020 - ExxonMobil has signed a contract for two Airbus H145 helicopters to support the PNG LNG (liquefied natural gas) Project in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The new H145 model with a five-blade, bearingless main rotor provides a 150kg increase in useful load.

The aircraft will be based at the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant (HGCP) in Hela Province of the PNG Highlands, and will be used to transport personnel and equipment in support of PNG LNG Project operations.

In addition to its reliability and superior economics, the new H145’s “hot and high” performance was critical to its selection for use in an environment requiring routine operations at an altitude of 5,400ft in temperatures up to 35ºC.

The sale is the first by Airbus Helicopters to ExxonMobil and the first order in the oil and gas sector for the new H145 in the Asia Pacific region.

Ben Bridge, Executive Vice President Global Business, for Airbus Helicopters said “It’s an honour to win the confidence of a safety and performance focused customer like ExxonMobil for operations in PNG’s highly demanding operational environment. The new H145 has made a strong start in the market and it’s clear that it has a great future across multiple market segments.”

Location : PG HGCP

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