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Robinson Produced 305 Helicopters in 2017

Robinson Helicopter Company produced 305 new units in 2017 including 34 R22, 174 R44, 77 R66 and 20 Cadets

Robinson Produced 305 Helicopters in 2017
Robinson Helicopters, February 26, 2018 - Torrance, CA — Robinson Helicopter Company produced 305 helicopters in 2017.

The R44 led the way with 174, ranking as the world’s best-selling helicopter according to GAMA’s* General Aviation Aircraft Shipment 2017 Year End Report.

Seventy-seven R66s came off the line and, according to data supplied by Rolls Royce, the R66 fleet logged approximately 185,000 hours in 2017, bringing its total fleet hours to 735,000.

Cadet production was steady at twenty, and the R22 came in at 34.

Robinson is confident the upturn in sales will continue as the company is introducing a multitude of new options for the R44 and R66.

In 2017, Robinson added a heavy-duty Inlet Barrier Filter and a light-weight lithium-Ion battery to its R66 options. More recently, the company also announced a wire strike protection system and cargo hook for the R66.

At this year’s HAI Heli-Expo convention in Las Vegas, February 27th – March 1st, Robinson will display an R44 Raven II, R44 Cadet, and R66. The R66 will be outfitted with new optional heated seats and a limited-edition paint scheme. The Raven II and R66 will be equipped with Garmin’s new TXi display systems and all three helicopters will include a Genesys’ HeliSAS Autopilot. Robinson’s recently introduced, cargo hook and wire strike protection kit will be installed on an R66 and on display in the static hall.

Founded in 1973, Robinson Helicopter Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of civil helicopters.

Robinson Produced 305 Helicopters in 2017

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